Loose Womens Carol McGiffin and Gloria Hunniford have heated love scams row

Loose Women panelists Carol McGiffin and Gloria Hunniford clashed over whether banks should foot the bill in love scams.

At the beginning of the segment, Gloria revealed that she knew a woman who lost half a million pounds, suggesting the topic was close to her heart.

Speaking about people that are victim of romance scams, Carol said: "I feel sorry for those women, my heart bleeds for people who must be so trusting and desperate and lonely."

She continued: "I cannot accept that the bank would pick up the tab for it because that's the other customers paying for someone else's gullibility and I'm really sorry about that, but I don't want to pay for it."

After Carol admitted that she wouldn't expect someone else to pay for it, Gloria informed her that "romance scams are different."

Carol interrupted and said: "Yes but romance scams are in your head."

Gloria then began talking about an HMRC scam and said people fall for it because they "get sucked in out of fear or being in debt."

As Carol was explaining that those people are "professional scammers", Gloria said: "Let me just put the rest of it into context."

Gloria continued to explain that in the last year, banks have had to join up and agree that some of these scams are genuine and they have to pay people back.

Carol then jumped in and said: "But that's different, Gloria. It's completely different."

She continued: "You're making a decision to give someone your money because you're believing that they haven't got a card."

Gloria interrupted by saying "the difference between an ordinary scam and a romance scam is what i'm saying."

Carol didn't agree with the point and said: "No no no when you get an email through from a professional scammer that's actually gone to a lot of trouble to fake the banks website and address, I can understand why people fall for that."

The debate sparked conversation on Twitter, with many believing people shouldn't fall for romance scams.

One user said: "Romance scams, how do you fall for crap chat to give away money!!"

Another penned: "Why? Sorry, people should take responsibility for their own actions. We all know about scams, why should I pay for someone else's mistakes?"

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