Lorraine fans praise Joan Collins, 88, as she shows off ageless beauty

Dame Joan Collins appeared on ITV's Lorraine and exuded her ageless looks which impressed thousands of fans watching at home.

The 88-year-old actress has been in the showbiz business for over 70 years and still looks quite the stunner.

The star featured on the daytime show to chat about her upcoming documentary about her that she has been working on in recent months, revealing the ins and outs of her exciting journey.

However, fans were distracted by just how good she looked when chatting to stand-in host Andi Peters on Thursday morning's programme.

Fans stormed to Twitter to share their thoughts, with one saying: "Dame Joan Collins proper sort."

Whereas another said: "Joan Collins looks 50 not 90 bl**dy hell."

While a third penned: "How is Joan Collins 88! She just be sitting there looking better than most 50 year olds I know #gmb"

However, another commented on her rather blunt comment regarding the death of her dear friend and fellow Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Taylor.

When mentioning that the two ladies both bonded over the fact they had multiple marriages, with Elizabeth having several and Joan now on five.

Joan said: "People always say you drop names all the time. I drop the names of the people I've worked with… I talk about people I've met…"

Andi then asked her: "We've just seen a picture with you and Elizabeth Taylor, didn't she send you a note with some really good advice?"

To which Joan responded: "Yes, she was married seven or eight times, and after my fourth divorce she sent me a little note saying 'I'm still ahead by four'. She has a really good sense of humour did Elizabeth, it was very sad when she died… But life goes on!"

One fan pointed out that it was a bit harsh and said: "Joan Collins on #GMB: “It was very sad when Elizabeth Taylor died but you know, life goes on!” while sharing a wide-eyed meme.

Joan then went o to explain how she did her own beauty work this morning and didn't have a glam team to help her with her look.

She explained: "I do my own hair and makeup. I got out of bed this morning and I probably look a mess but anyways… But I grabbed something Christmassy to put on because we're all looking forward to a very merry Christmas."

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