Love Island viewers complain Yewande has been ‘edited out’ after racism row

Love Island 2019 viewers have complained Irish beauty Yewande Biala is being edited out after the show's recent race row.

The sexy scientist failed to get picked during the coupling in the first show, and ended up being paired with firefighter Michael after he was left on the subs bench.

Fans now fear Yewande is not getting as much screen time as she deserves after he barely featured in last night's episode.

They flocked to Twitter to complain, with many begging producers to let them see more of Yewande.

One wrote: "I can tell Yewande is there to fill a quota… she’s already being edited out."

Another added: "Has Yewande been edited out? 25mins in and not a peep…"

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A third wrote: "Ok 25 mins in and why isn't Yewande getting any screen time??"

It was not just Yewande who apepared to have ended up on the cutting room floor as Welshman Callum Macleod and Michael were all nowhere to be seen.

The episode instead focused on the drama between Lucie and Joe, and new arrivals Tommy and Curtis.

At the end of the show, boxer Tommy was stealing Lucie from Joe and a preview showed the new couple go out on a romantic date.

The new drama comes 24 hours after the show was embroiled in a race row over the first coupling.

As well as Yewande failing to get picked, mixed race Michael got ditched by Lucie in favour of Joe, while Sherif didn't get picked at all.

He ended up paired with Amber, who also ditched him for a white contestant, Callum.

A representative for Love Island told us: "We can't show everything that happens in the villa due to time constraints."

Love Island 2019 airs all week on ITV2 at 9pm.

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