Love Islanders strip to tiny gold hotpants for Sex Gods task in raunchy first look

LOVE Islanders will strip to tiny gold hotpants tonight for a Sex Gods task that's set to be very raunchy.

In a first look, footage shows the boys being challenged to do a sexy dance and strip tease in togas.

They must then carry a model globe over a fake pool of "burning hot lava".

Next up is scaling Mount Olympus, and performing as many pull ups as they can before locking lips with their luscious ladies. 

Watching whether the boys conquer the challenge will be light relief from the recent drama that saw viewers complain to Ofcom over Faye's outburst at Teddy.

Later scenes saw Teddy broke down in tears as his relationship with the feisty estate agent ended, with his emotional turmoil leaving fans begging for bosses to step in.

Since the scenes were aired, Faye has sadly received death threats from sick viewers.

Tonight will see Faye finally apologise for her expletive-filled rant.

Reflecting with Chloe on her dispute with Teddy, the Devon native began: "I feel bad, like s**t that I blew up the way that I did.

"And I am sorry for what I done and there's no excuse for it.

"There's no excuse for the way I just flew out off the handle but I just want to move forward with it."

Fans have been left horrified by the "disgusting comments" left on Faye's Instagram page, which is being run by her friends and family.

Love Island warned fans to "think before you post" before the episode was aired and have since released a statement about their duty of care for contestants.

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