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LOVE Island star Gemma Owen has opened up about the heartbreaking death of her horse – saying "I'll never get over it".

The dressage rider, 19, revealed her shock last month over the sudden loss of Sirius.

Gemma said it really "knocked her confidence" and she had been feeling very "low".

"The last month or two has been quite challenging – we've obviously lost my competition horse Sirius," Gemma said.

"After that, I'm not going to lie, I really really struggled. Just sort of with getting over losing him.

"It all happened so quickly, it was so shocking and then the sort of whole in my life and routine that it sort of left.


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"As you know I don't have a few different competition horses – he was my only horse I had for the last five years, I had such a good relationship with him.

"It had a knock on effect to everything, it took a massive knock to my confidence and sort of how I felt generally.

"I felt pretty low, obviously that's expected after losing an animal. It proper hit me.".

Gemma said she in a much better place now after initially feeling "guilty" that she welcomed new horse Faye.

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"I'm in a better place now, I wouldn't say I've got over it because I don't think I'll ever properly get over it," she continued.

"t all happened so quickly, It's not like I had time to properly process it and I could see it coming. It was overnight.

"I'm fine, I'm doing okay and I'm doing a lot better in myself.

"So that's how I am just getting on with it, feeling a lot better and just keeping busy."

Gemma explained she felt a huge "void" in her life and was keen to get back into the sport she loves because it's her "safe space".

"You feel sort of guilty,we've got Faye now – the new horse that I've got on lease until the end of the year.

"But I wanted something to do, not fill that void and him be replaced because he'd never be replaced. But I just needed the horses and that was sort of my safe space."

Last month Gemma shared her heartbreak with fans.

Sharing a series of pictures with fans, devastated Gemma wrote:  “On Friday we lost my horse of a lifetime due to a sudden and severe illness. Words can’t describe how much this horse meant to me and my family.

“He was truly one in a million everyone who met Siz will know how amazing and caring his temperament was. He was taken far too soon, he has left us all heartbroken and in complete shock.

“You taught me so much Siz and I will never be able to thank you enough, you brought so much joy and happiness to our lives and you’ll never be replaced. I love you endlessly."

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