Love Islands Kai tells Sanam her talent of crying on cue is a warning sign

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    Love Island's Kai Fagan told his exclusive beau Sanam Harrinanan that her "talent" is more of a "warning sign".

    After the fan-favourite talent show played out the night before, Kai and Sanam could be seen chatting the following morning during Tuesday night's episode (March 7).

    Chatting on the day beds as Kai tucked into a bowl of cereal, the couple discussed the talents they showcased.

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    Sanam's talent was described as "crying on cue", with the stunning social worker shedding a tear at the click of a finger.

    But after seeing Sanam's "talent" on the night, Kai appeared to feel a little taken aback.

    And this translated again the following morning when he told the brunette beauty that her talent was actually a "warning sign".

    He also added: "If you ever cry around me, I'm just gonna be like 'stop crying'."

    "That's so mean," Sanam exclaimed, before added: "Because what if it was actually real tears?"

    Kai replied: "I wouldn't believe you," as he munched on a spoonful of cereal.

    Taking to Twitter to react to Kai's reaction to Sanam's talent, one viewer penned: "I knew Kai was going to be annoying about Sanam’s talent."

    "Oh no Sanam is starting to scare Kai," penned a second, with a third adding: "Does Kai actually like Sanam? Something feels off."

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    A fourth then added: "Kai really is not impressed with Sanam’s talent."

    While a fifth penned: "Why is Kai looking for red flags with Sanam."

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    Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX, with Unseen Bits on Saturdays and Aftersun at 10pm on Sundays.


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