Love Island's Millie and Liam shock fans with VERY racy chat after she goes commando under silky dress

LOVE Island's Millie Court and Liam Reardon left fans stunned with their VERY racy chat tonight.

Sparks were flying between the Essex beauty and Welsh hunk as they fought the urge to snog in front of Faye Winter.

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Faye is in a couple with Liam but his head turned 180 when bombshell Millie, 24, walked into the villa.

And tonight their innuendo-packed flirting reached new levels – and probably should have come with a warning for viewers.

As the pair caught up over drinks, Millie said: "I'm not wearing any knickers. This is too see-through, I couldn't."

Liam grinned and replied: "Really, can I see?"

The x-rated chat continued with Millie saying she felt jealous of Faye's "fake boobs", adding: "Do you like fake boobs?"

"I like real ones more," he said. "You've got a bit of play in them. A handful. That'll do me."

Millie replied: "Your hands ain't just gotta go there though, so it doesn't really matter."

Liam teasingly asked: "Where do you want them to go?"

Liam went on: "Some people say I'm Italian. I'm not though, I'm 100% pure Welsh meat."

Millie replied: "I've never had Welsh meat. I'm excited to see what it tastes like."

Spitting out his drink Liam scoffed: "I'm excited for you to find out."

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Later, Millie told viewers from the Beach Hut: "I literally just want to rip his clothes off.

"Sounds bad but I can’t help it. He is so fit, I fancy him so much.

"We both really want to snog each other. We both think it's respectful if we don't kiss in front of Faye."

Some viewers felt sick listening to the conversation, with one writing: "Okay Millie and Liam are making me sick with their chat"

However others loved seeing their chemistry: "Liam and Millie have the best chemistry in the whole villa and it’s cute to watch them flirt"

Love Island continues on ITV2 on Sunday night at 10pm.

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