Love Islands Rachel Finni dismisses apology as she declares it wasnt genuine

Former Love Island star Rachel Finni has responded to the slew of apologies by her former co-stars after a comment was made about her online.

On Wednesday (June 8), ex-Islanders Brad McClelland, Tyler Cruickshank, Aaron Francis and Jake Cornish appeared on a joint Instagram Live together where they took part in brief Q & A from their loyal legion of fans.

During the catch-up, the group were discussing the subject of bombshells entering the villa on the ITV dating show when Brad read out a message which said: “Rachel, not a bombshell.”

Brad, who was with Rachel for a brief time on the show back in 2021, read the comment out before he burst out laughing, adding that he “wasn’t into her”, despite their brief coupling.

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Now, in an exclusive interview with Daily Star, the brunette beauty, 29, has said she believes the apology she received from the quartet was not genuine and was simply made so that “lads don’t get cancelled”.

On Friday (June 10), the reality star took part in an Instagram Live after the first week of Love Island came to an end, where she responded to the cruel comments made at her expense earlier on in the week.

When she was asked about the poor jokes made about her during the video, she claimed the clip revealed the group’s “true colours.”

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She said: “I’m over it. I said what I said, they said what they said. We all know what everyone’s true feelings about the situation are. Everyone’s shown their true colours.

“I'm okay to move forward being me, knowing who I am because they’ve already damaged their name forever anyway.

“And the people that are trying to deter from it and get involved again shows their true colours and I'm just gonna keep on doing me.”

As the star moved on to address their lengthy apologies which they shared on their social media platforms, she questioned their true intentions.

Rachel added: “I mean at the end of the day – an apology is only an apology if it’s genuine. If someone continuously talks about you in a certain way, but it only blows up on one occasion.

“Like someone could be saying bad stuff about you or treating you for a long time, the one time everyone becomes aware of it – that’s when you apologise?”

“When it starts to affect you, when it starts to have people’s perceptions about you change, because those are your true feelings inside.”

“So no matter what statement you put up, no matter how many words you say – it's all forced, it’s not a genuine apology, for one.

She went on to claim that all the apologies from the group were “forced” and insincere as she claimed the statements were made so that they “don’t get cancelled.”

“Just because they’ve said an apology, doesn’t mean it reached me. An apology only reaches on two occasions: if it’s true and if it’s accepted, and that’s neither the case with me.

“Their apologies is an apology so brands still work with them. It’s an apology so they don’t get cancelled, it’s an apology to appease the people that are going against them.”

The starlet went on to thank her fellow co-stars, friends and family who have shared their support for her after the story started to circulate on social media.

Rachel added: “I do appreciate everyone who has come out in support, I'm very blessed with my friends and family.”

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