Love Island’s Shannon Singh suffered mic gaffe on the first night as she forgot to take her mic off to go to the toilet

LOVE Island star Shannon Singh has revealed she forgot to take off her mic to go to the toilet in a first-night blunder.

The model, who became the first person to be dumped from the villa this week, remembered to remove it just in time before "doing the deed".

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Shannon, 22, who paired with Aaron Francis, 24 on the dating show — was booted out after 48 hours, but still had time to make some TV mistakes.

The Scottish star revealed she had "gone to the toilet" wearing her mic as she "forgot" to take it off before going about her business.

She exclusively told The Sun: "You know what, the funny thing was on the first night I made the mistake of [leaving my mic on].

"I looked at everyone else and they were like, 'Oh my god Shannon, we've taken our mics off', so I just took it out from then on."

Detailing how going to the toilet is one of "the only times" the mics come off, alongside showering, she added that they could never be far away.

"Even when you sit by the pool, you have to keep them on and only when you go for a dip in do you leave them by the side," Shannon added.

Clarifying that she didn't "do the deed" while the mic was on, she concluded that she remembered "just in time" to take it off to use the loo.

"I took it off before I had done the deed. My brain cells kicked in," the model said. "I looked at everyone else and they were like, 'Omg Shannon, we’ve taken our mics off'."

It comes after Shannon revealed producers failed to show her sauciest scenes — including her skirt being ripped open while twerking.

Insisting viewers never got to see the real her, she said: "When I had to leave, I was mortified. All you’ve got to think about is, ‘Oh my God, what have they shown?'

“I’m cheeky, I’m loud, I’m outgoing and I’m definitely not shy. But that didn’t really come across. Great things happened that I thought would have got my personality out there and allowed people to get to know me. 

“Me and Aaron had to do twerking and I ripped my skirt all the way up the front. We had to suck each other’s fingers and look into each other’s eyes, but none of that got shown.

“It is 24 hours of filming and they decide whatever they put in that 60-minute episode. I’m not going to lie and say I’m absolutely overjoyed with it. I spent two weeks in quarantine for 48 hours on a show.”

Shannon also said she refused to live up to the sexy stereotype painted of her before the show started. 

She had previously told of enjoying nookie up to eight times a day. But, in the villa, she shunned a kiss from Toby Aromolaran, 22, and failed to ramp it up with Aaron.

Shannon said: “I’m proud of my sexuality. I didn’t shy away from the fact I’m a glamour model, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go and chuck myself at all these guys. 

“I’ve been painted as this glamour model who loves to get her boobs out and who loves guys. But I keep my values and morals the same as I would on the outside. I’m not going to string along a little relationship to get the public vote. That isn’t me.”

All ten people in the villa were paired up after the first episode on Monday. Then financial services executive Chloe Burrows, 25, turned up and picked Aaron — meaning his previous partner Shannon was shown the door.

However, Chloe had already admitted she had her eye on other fellas in the villa.

Shannon, from Fife, added: “She’s a bombshell and you get one opportunity in that show. 

“I just would have rated her a lot more if she had come in and just picked who she wanted instead of playing tactics. 

“Everyone’s seen it, she’s not interested in Aaron at all. And as soon as I had left, her and Aaron weren’t a thing. It’s a game, and Chloe had the better one.”

But Shannon is horrified by the disgusting trolling which has seen Chloe receive death threats, forcing her family to speak out against it this week.

She said: “I do not stand for any of that. We’re in 2021 and everyone knows to be kind. This is not acceptable on any level. 

“It broke my heart her family had to make that statement.”

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