Luke Hemsworth and Maggie Q on Playing a Couple in Death of Me: 'It Was Like a Normal Marriage'

Luke Hemsworth and Maggie Q redefine “relationship goals” in their new horror film Death of Me, which sees the actors play a married couple caught in a web of secrets, murder and black magic.

Death of Me follows vacationing husband and wife, Neil Oliver (Luke Hemsworth) and Christine (Maggie Q), as they wake with a terrible hangover on a small island off the coast of Thailand, and no memory of the night before. They find horrific footage on Neil’s camera and attempt to piece together what happened that night, all while facing delayed ferries and a typhoon hitting the island.

The pair’s chemistry sizzles onscreen and is almost distracting enough to forget about the murderous, cult-like group hunting them down. As they tell PEOPLE, that bond was forged while hunting down the best Thai food and laughing a lot together between filming.

Below, Hemsworth, 39 and Maggie Q (born Margaret Denise Quigley), 41, chat with PEOPLE about filming Death of Me, jump scares, the struggle of finding coffee in Thailand and more.

Are either of you fans of the horror genre? Did you watch horror movies with your families growing up?

MAGGIE Q: Personally, no, I don't actually watch. It's just not my it's not my thing. Me and one of my sisters, we're both kind of a little too scared to watch scary movies. I watched my era of Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street. But The Exorcist, for example, I think was too scary for me. Those first two movies were totally terrifying, though, and it ruined me for all the rest and so I just stopped! Luke, are you a horror fan?

LUKE: I don't go out of my way to watch them, but sometimes I get that feeling where I want to be a little bit shaky in my boots. It comes from my mom, she loves zombie horror. She doesn't like to watch psychological horror. She probably won’t like this film. But she's like, “Yeah, as long as there's zombies and they're not real, it's all good!”

She loves the arts and I think she's instilled a good level in us of all of that. She's sort of my go to in terms of, ‘What are you watching? What do we watch next?’ I don't know what my dad watches. He watches motorbikes and that's about it, I think.

Do either of you guys scare easily in your regular life? 

LUKE: No no no, I’m super tough, super hard, I’ve got a family to lead, I don’t get scared! I’m an Aussie!

MAGGIE Q: I don't because I have big dogs, I've got big German Shepherds so I'm not afraid of anything in my house. If I hear a noise, he’s on it.

What was it like shooting in Thailand?

LUKE: It was great. I love that part of the world, I really do. It's kind of like Indonesia, and that area for me is very close to my heart because we spent a lot of time as kids growing up around there. I felt pretty comfortable in Thailand except for the language barrier, but their English is far superior to my Thai so communicating was pretty good most of the time. They're just the most beautiful people and they always say yes to everything even though they don't want to do it. So sometimes when you say, "Can I have a coffee?" It never ends up coming because there’s no coffee there. It’s a logistical nightmare!

MAGGIE Q: It was a logistical nightmare! Luke and I had this amazing assistant, her name was Dream and I remember it was so funny because we would send her on these little errands to get things like coffee or whatever and it was always really difficult, like he said, it's like a logistical nightmare. She’d come back hours later!

LUKE: It’d be 2 p.m., and she’d be sweating, and she’d be like, “I couldn’t do it.”

MAGGIE Q: She's like, “I couldn't get your coffee but I got you a chamomile tea, Is that okay?” And we're like, “Oh, damn it.”

So in the movie, you guys play a married couple. Did you hit it off right off the bat or did it take time to get comfortable with each other?

MAGGIE Q: Oh it was like a normal marriage. We fought all the time, there was a lot of eye rolling!

LUKE: It was like we’d known each other for 20 years. It was very easy. I think we were united against a lot of very difficult moving parts, like the director — nah, he was fine, I’m kidding — but there were things we were, for lack of a better word, bitching about. It was good, it was an easy affinity.

MAGGIE Q: Filming with Luke is like filming with your best friend, because you're always laughing and you're always having a good time. He totally has your back. You never have to worry about any division. It's so easy. Sometimes with casting, when it's good, it's nice because you meet the person and you're like, “Okay, I get why we're together for this as opposed to me and someone else or you and someone else.” So that was nice, because it's not always like that.

Did you guys develop any couples quirks or habits while filming?

MAGGIE Q: We did go out drinking!

LUKE: Yeah, I was going to say food … that was the thing that we were always united against trying to find the best Thai food, the best local food.

MAGGIE Q: Which was ironic because we were in Thailand, and we were like, “We can do better! Let’s keep looking!”

LUKE: Yeah, or “what's the freshest fruit?” or “who has the best green curry?” and because Maggie's vegan and I’m an eater of … things, there was a good symbiosis there. We were able to sample everything.

What was the most difficult scene to shoot and why?

LUKE: It’s always the love scenes. It was nighttime, we were supposed to be off our heads and sweating and belt buckles are getting in the way and doing lots of awful, awful things, those times are never comfortable. You approach them with dread and are very relieved when they're done.

MAGGIE Q: We did laugh a lot though because it was so embarrassing and compromising.

LUKE: Most of them were in a holy place as well. I think the Thai people on the crew were very, very shocked. It was a very odd vibe. Fortunately, to Maggie's credit, she laughed about everything.

Maggie, have you worked with any of Luke's brothers? Is Luke your favorite Hemsworth?

MAGGIE Q: I don't need to work with any of Luke's brothers. Luke will always be my favorite.

You're not just saying that because he's here, right?

MAGGIE Q: That’s exactly why I’m saying it, and if another one were in front of me, I would say them! Ha, no, he's great and before I took this project, I asked one of my agents what he thought about him as an actor and just wanted his opinion. He was so complimentary of Luke. He said, “He's my favorite actor of the three.”

LUKE: Aw. Woohoo!

MAGGIE Q: He said, “If you were going to work with anyone, he's the one that I liked the most.” I was so excited because he's quite an opinionated, a sort of picky guy when it comes to actors. I thought that was the greatest compliment and so I was very excited, and I loved his work as well.

LUKE: (joking) I hate praise. Don't ever praise me, it's poison!

Death of Me is available in select theaters, on demand and digital October 2.

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