Made In Chelsea’s Maeva and Miles clash as he accuses her of ‘using him’ to hurt James

Made in Chelsea fans will know that Maeva D’Ascanio and James Taylor’s romance hasn’t always been smooth sailing, having recently called it quits.

But in tonight’s episode of the hit E4 reality show, the couple decide to give things another go and waste no time in telling their co-stars that they are back together again.

However, it doesn’t go down well with everyone – particularly Maeva’s former flame Miles Nazaire who has been caught in a bit of a love triangle with the on/off couple.

In OK!’s first look, exclusive clip, Maeva, 26, asks to meet with ex Miles so she can break the news of her reunion with James face-to-face.

As the pair sit together in a restaurant, Maeva tells him: “Thank you for coming. I’ve got some quite good news, I would say. James and I, we got back together.”

The camera then cuts to Miles, who looks stunned by Maeva’s revelation, and simply replies: “OK.”

Maeva then continues: “We need to work some things out for sure. But, yeah, I wanted to let you know.”

Maeva, who had been growing closer to Miles over the duration of this series, then takes the opportunity to say sorry to Miles for her behaviour of late, before coming clean about using Miles’ feelings “to hurt James”.

She admits: “I would like to apologise. I didn’t really show much respect that night when I asked you if you wanted to have sex with me.”

Maeva adds: “But it was also kind of a plan as well because I wanted to hurt James.”

However, hitting back, Miles says he can’t forgive Maeva for the way she’s treated him.

He explains: “I thought we’d got to the point where we were in a really good place and friendship and then you’re using me.”

“I can clearly see that we’re not going to be friends now. But I just thought after so much time had passed, you wouldn’t just use me like that."

Miles then continues to defend his corner and says: “Especially after the last few weeks, I’ve been there caring for you. The amount of times you said, ‘thanks so much for being there for me.’”

Maeva attempts to extend an olive branch once more and admits she's acted like a "b****" towards him.

However, it appears to be too little, too late as Miles delivers one final blow before storming out and leaving Maeva sitting alone.

He says: “It just shows it was a big mistake to even come back into your life and be friends.”

“You are clearly very, very happy with James and you’re going to have this beautiful life together, but I’m officially done with all of this.”

Will the pair make amends? Or is this the start of a new Made in Chelsea feud?

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