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MARRIED at First Sight star Thomas threatens to QUIT the show tonight.

The couples attend the commitment ceremony where they get the opportunity to air their marital problems with the experts.

Sex expert Charlene asks the couple: "Where are you with intimacy?"

But Liverpool lad Thomas reveals that the couple are yet to consummate the marriage.

He says: "We're not with intimacy."

Adrian pipes up: "Not sexual."


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Charlene asks: "Is that something you both agreed to in this relationship?"

Adrian explains: "It's just not something that I'm comfortable doing in this environment."

A frustrated Thomas admits: "Obviously it's a massive compromise for me to have to understand where he's coming from because it's been a long time – I feel like I've been here for years."

The relationship guru then quizzes Thomas on his mum's opinion on Adrian after the homestay.

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"What was her advice to you," Charlene asks.

Thomas bluntly replies: "Leave.

"That was her advice to me – there is no spark, there is no chemistry, I can't feel it."

Thomas admits that his mother's impressions of Adrian had influenced his decision about the marriage.

He says: "Mother knows best, so I think I've recoiled slightly to the point where I can't even really foresee it happening."

Weighing up whether to leave or stay, Thomas adds: "I really do care about him, and I want him in my life forever but in what capacity."

It comes after fans accused Thomas of bullying after he left Sophie in tears.

On Wednesday's episode, the brides and grooms were split up for a boozy night out, but the party atmosphere soon takes a turn for the worse.

Thomas declared: "Don't come for me", to which a tearful Sophie replied: "I haven't even had the chance and you've made an opinion on me."

Thomas continued: "If we're talking about my homestay, we're talking about my homestay.

"I don't want anyone to pipe up and tell me how to feel.

"I don't want to fight with any of you, I don't give a f*** about 90 per cent of you here, you mean nothing to me."

Whitney remarked: "Visa-versa."

He followed it up and proclaimed: "I don't care about what you say to me.

"You are a liar and an adulterer!"

Clearly having upset the majority of the group, Thomas stormed out of the venue.

Pointing at the girls, he said: "I don't want to surround myself with you [Sophie], you [April] and you [Whitney].

"I don't like you; I find you fake and your relationship fake.

"Whitney you are a fraud; you are a basic b***h and that's all you'll ever be."

Shocked by his behaviour, one fan wrote: "So when Matt shouts at women, he's a misogynistic bully, yet when Thomas calls women bitches and constantly shuts down women, he's a drama queen!"

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Another posted: "Some of the things he says are valid, funny even, but the majority of the time Thomas is an angry bully #MAFSUK #MAFS"

A third added: "Thomas on #MarriedAtFirstSightUK is a bully. #mafsuk #MAFS"

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