Married at First Sight UK age gap: What is the age difference between Franky and Marilyse?

Married At First Sight UK: E4 release trailer for new series

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Married at First Sight UK has seen some major dramas from the very beginning with affairs, rows and gossiping galore. The hit E4 reality series may be almost over but there are still some loose ends to tie up as the entirety of the final commitment ceremony hasn’t yet been shown. One couple which did shock fans with their decision though was Franky and Marilyse.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Married at First Sight UK.

On the day of their wedding, despite some terrible jokes made by Franky, it did seem like he and Marilyse could have been a good match.

But as the series has gone on, fans have grown concerned with Franky talking down to Marilyse on various occasions, even telling her: “Maybe when I speak, don’t speak.”

Charity Women’s Aid even got involved, stating that this “controlling and coercive behaviour” and the show’s producers needed to step in with a better intervention.

When the final commitment ceremony came around, fans believed they knew how it was going to end.

At the ceremony which was supposed to air on September 30, Franky said that he was in love with his wife and wanted to stay married.

Marilyse did address the “struggles” they had been through but agreed with continuing their marital journey together which viewers did not expect.

She ended her vows with, “So let’s take each day as it comes” – so there is a sense of caution.

Nevertheless, Marilyse was happy to carry on with their relationship beyond the experiment.

What is the age difference between Franky and Marilyse?

Franky and Marilyse were the eldest couple of this year’s Married at First Sight UK.

Marilyse, who is a personal trainer from Yorkshire, is 37-years-old.

She is the oldest of the women in the show and was paired with the oldest man.

Franky, who is also a personal trainer as well as a strength and conditioning coach, is 47-years-old.

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So there is a 10-year age gap between newlyweds Franky and Marilyse.

This may have contributed to some of the tension in the couple’s relationship.

Another matter which didn’t go unnoticed was Franky’s attitude towards her children as he stated it would have been “ideal” if she didn’t have any, something which she took offence to.

But with the pair deciding to go forward with their marriage, they may have been able to work through some of their issues.

Fans will be able to find out what has gone on since the cameras have stopped next week with the reunion show.

The couples will be brought together once again on Monday, October 4, for the reunion special.

But who has stayed together and who has severed their marital ties for good?

Married at First Sight UK is available to watch on E4.

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