Matt Willis Considers Ditching Tattoos for Acting Career

The Busted star contemplates removing numerous inkings across his body after tedious experience of having the tattoos covered up with makeup for World War Two movie.

AceShowbizMatt Willis is considering having his tattoos removed in a bid to make it in Hollywood.

The Busted star has numerous inkings across his body – including one piece depicting a Twix chocolate bar – but in a new interview he admitted they’re holding back his acting ambitions.

Speaking to Heat magazine, he shared, “I’ve just filmed a war movie and obviously in the 1940s, people didn’t have tattooed hands.”

“I had to go to the make-up chair hours before anyone else, every single day, to have them covered up. It was a real pain for me and for the make-up crew. On day one, they were like, ‘Ooh, how exciting.’ “

“By day four, they were more like, ‘F**king hell, not you again.’ “

Back in 2017, the “Year 3000” rocker was turned away from two gyms while on tour in Tokyo with the boyband for having tattoos.

Matt Willis will share screen with Ed Westwick in World War Two movie “Wolves of War“. The two play British officers leading a team of Allied commandos on a World War Two mission to free an American held hostage by the Nazis in Bavaria.

The movie marks Willis’ second war outing onscreen – he also appeared in 2014 film “Allies“.

His only other film credit is in 2019 comedy “Madness in the Method” while he previously tested his acting skills in U.K. soap opera “EastEnders” and British sitcom “Birds of a Feather“.

Matt Willis also starred in West End productions of “Flashdance: The Musical“, “Wicked“, and “Footloose“.

This year, he will join U.K. tour of Sara Bareilles‘ “Waitress“, which is set to open at the New Wimbledon Theatre on September 4.

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