Meg Ryan’s Kids Say ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Orgasm Scene “Is A Very Unique Embarrassment”

Meg Ryan is revealing what her kids think of the orgasm scene from the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally.

In a conversation with Carol Burnett for Interview magazine, Ryan reflects on the scene where her character Sally showcases her fake orgasm skills to Billy Crystal’s Harry. The scene happens in the middle of a bustling deli and has remained iconic for moviegoers for decades. However, Ryan’s kids Daisy True Ryan and Jack Quaid don’t seem to think the same way.

“It’s funny, my son just called me this morning and he’s in New York staying at a hotel that’s right across the street from Katz’s Deli. My daughter was here and everybody was on speaker, and they were like, ‘Mom, this is a very unique embarrassment,’” Ryan told Burnett.

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She continued, “He said, ‘You know you can go into that deli and there’s an arrow pointing down to the table where you shot that scene.’”

Quaid has been open about his thoughts on his mother’s famous orgasm scene. Back in 2018, The Boys actor talked about how he had just recently watched the rom-com for the first time.

“Guys, when your mother has one of the most famous orgasm scenes of all time, you do not jump to the film, okay? I saw it because I was doing a rom-com, and that’s like the rom-com,” he said during a panel for EW. “And I watched it, and then afterwards I cried for so long, because I was so proud of her, and I immediately called her, and I’m like, ‘I’m so sorry I missed this movie.’ She’s like, ‘I’ve seen it like one time.’ Anyway, that’s my favorite of hers.”

Relive the When Harry Met Sally scene in the video posted below.

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