My 600lb Life fans outraged at jealous Vianey for jeopardising Allen

My 600lb Life: Tamy shares her heartbreaking weight gain story

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Fans have taken to social media to criticise one of the stars of the TLC reality show My 600lb Life Where Are They Now? Wednesday’s episode on TLC saw Vianey trying to dissuade Allen to go under the knife again and remove his excess skin following his weight loss. Allen had managed to shed a life-changing amount of weight after first appearing on the reality show.

Twitter users took to the platform to fume that they think that Vianey is “jealous” of her partner after she did her best to stop Allen from ridding himself of the burden of excess skin.

TLC viewer @chocolatedrop06 wrote: “Vianey is SELFISH AF!!! She held Allen back because of her issues.”

“Allen pleeeaase don’t sacrifice your skin surgery waiting on Vianey to lose a single ounce #my600lblife,” said @HolaFalkoro.

@gerberbaby2008 wrote: “Allen should find a local plastic surgeon to do his skin surgery. She’s holding him back. She’s all talk and no action. Bye Felicia,” with a gif that had the caption: “Time’s up, girl, bye!”

@DrSamone1 said: “If she really wanted what is best for Allen she wouldn’t hold him back from his skin surgery or from chasing his dreams.

“Soon he’s gonna resent her for all of this. Allen needs to act like Forrest and…” before attaching a gif of Jenny from Forrest Gump saying: “Run, Forrest, run!”

“Allen is too good. Carrying around all of that extra skin must be difficult,” wrote @SalsaGuyNy.

While @megkalm0 weighed in: “Allen taking care of himself and losing the weight. Proud of him! Vianey being a party pooper on Allen’s progress (boooo) #my600lblife.” (sic)

Last year, Vianey was approved by Dr Now and was adamant she was serious about weight loss surgery.

She said of the surgery: “Without it, I have no hope for a future at all, so I have to get this no matter how terrified I am.”

But after being approved for it to go ahead, it took a turn for the worst.

During the operation, Vianey flatlined after suffering a cardiac arrest on the operating table.

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Her doctor said: “Even though all her tests were good prior to surgery, the strain of the weight and her size on them, means her body could hit its limit at any point and start to struggle like this.’

They managed to restart her heart, before stitching her up and getting her to the recovery unit so that she could rest.

The My 600lb Life star was put into the ICU overnight so that they could make sure that she was stable.

Vianey was visibly devastated by the news that her surgery had not gone as planned, but everyone around her reassured her that she was okay.

“When they started, your heart stopped,” explained one of the medics. “We need you here.”

They told her that they could try to perform the gastric sleeve operation at a later date.

“We can always go back and do the surgery when you’re a little more stable, okay? We can’t do it if you’re gone.”

A few weeks after the surgery, she said she felt like she “had no motivation” and can be seen crying in frustration at her situation.

My 600lb Life Where Are They Now? airs on TLC every Wednesday in the USA.

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