My Mum, Your Dad’s Roger and Janey 6 months on – relationship milestone and This Morning role

My Mum, Your Dad's Roger Hawes and Janey Smith appeared on This Morning today, where they gave fans an update on their relationship six months on from the hit ITV show.

Roger, 59, and Janey, 47, met on the show hosted by Davina McCall after being nominated by their children Jess and William in a bid to find love again.

In a loved-up appearance on This Morning today, Friday 3rd November, Roger and Janey revealed how they are still very much together.

Talking about My Mum, Your Dad and meeting each other, Janey admitted: “I definitely went in looking for love!”

Roger confessed: “I didn’t know what to expect, I was just winging it basically… but it’s been the best surprise of my life!”

Janey added: “When I first did see Roger – everyone knows he’s fit – but I go for humour and kindness.”

The pair admitted that it's been an adjustment getting used to being recognised by show fans, as Roger said: “When we go out now to our local shop you see people look at you and say ‘it’s you!’…”

The pair also sweetly revealed a huge relationship milestone, having said they love each other.

Detailing how they have said the L-word to each other already, Janey said: “I thought he was going to tell me something awful, he said ‘there’s an elephant in the room… I love ya!’ and I said ‘I love you too!’…”

While their relationship is going from strength to strength, the pair also had some exciting career news to share – as they are joining the This Morning family to work on travel segments.

Host Alison Hammond said to the pair: “Well we are very excited, everyone’s buzzing here at This Morning because you’ve got some news haven’t ya? You are going to be joining the team!”

Dermot added: “I think you’ll be doing some VTs, maybe some little travelogues for us aren’t you?”

Smiling Janey said: “I believe so, yes!” as Roger added: “We’re just really excited!”

Dermot said: “It’s lovely to have you part of the family” while Alison added: “Yes, welcome to This Morning!”

The pair revealed that the exciting role on This Morning means that they will get to spend a lot more time together, as they currently travel long distances to see each other.

Of the exciting new venture, Janey said: "We have met each other and without sounding sad, we do want to be together!

"There will be lots of holidays. At the moment we are at each other's houses, we've not been apart for a very long time!'

Janey lives in West Sussex, while Roger lives in Derbyshire and they travel over 200 miles to see each other.

Janey revealed they've been doing "miles and smiles" to see each other and while she's been to Derbyshire 'loads' to see her handsome beau, Roger added that at first, he did most of the travelling.

But now, the travelling is split 50:50 between them and they mostly travel together now.

It comes after the reality TV stars recently spoke exclusively to OK! about their romance.

Janey told us: "It's going so well – he's so easy-going, and we just laugh all the time. I think I might wake up, and it's all a dream. It's the easiest thing being Roger's girlfriend; it's just lovely, and we can't stop laughing. It's ridiculous; we're so ridiculous."

Talking about future plans with Roger, Janey shared: "We'll probably go on a couple of holidays and further down the line, we're not sure just yet as Roger's family are all in Derbyshire and I have my family down south so I think we're just going to have to navigate it, there's no pressure on either side, as long as everyone's happy that what's its all about."

Meanwhile they already have their Christmas plans sorted as Janey said: "I think he'll be with his family for the day and I'll be with mine, we'll meet up Christmas evening and bring the families together.

"We just want to spend time together that's the main thing and we just want to have a lovely time and enjoy things together.

"We're both aware of how lucky we are that this has happened."

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