Naked Attraction star has fetish for men with big noses that hit right spots

Naked Attraction hopeful Alana proved everyone has their kinks during the latest episode, as she confessed she liked men with big noses.

During Wednesday's episode (April 26), Alana was hoping to find her match based on their naked bodies alone – though it seems like one facial feature is more important.

Speaking of one man who had got his kit off for a chance of love, host Anna Richardson mentioned his "big nostrils".

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And it turned out Alana was thrilled, as she confessed she was a fan of a particular type of oral sex.

Anna said: "He seems very well groomed. Lovely nose, he's got big nostrils."

Alana quickly jumped in: "I've got a bit of a thing about big noses.

"I love sitting on the face of a man with a big nose. It hits the right spots."

For those not in the know, a cartoon graphic was then showed of the act, with Anna explaining what was going on – and it's regal name – over the top.

She explained it was often referred to as "queening" or "kinging", depending on the gender of who was doing the face-sitting.

And the reason, she explained, was because "it mimics a monarch sitting atop a throne".

That wasn't the only kink shared in this week's episode though, as one singleton, Six, confessed they had "always wanted to have sex with an alien of some description".

While the contestant in the blue pod said she'd "love to have a d**k all day to f**k someone with it".

But it seems alien sex may have been of interest, as singleton Maria chose Six for the date and they shared a sweet kiss at the end.

They then returned to the show after three weeks still holding hands.


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