NCIS’ Nick Torres star details Michael Weatherly advice prior to exit ‘Really supportive’

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Nick Torres has been an integral part of the NCIS team ever since Wilmer Valderrama debuted as the hotheaded undercover agent in 2016. Now in his sixth year with the main cast of the hit CBS series, the star has detailed his first meeting with the show’s former regular, Michael Weatherly, on Instagram.

Wilmer Valderrama has outlined some key advice given to him by former NCIS star Michael Weatherly when he first joined the series.

Weatherly was best known as the senior field agent Tony DiNozzo for 13 seasons of the CBS staple.

Since his departure at the end of the show’s 13th instalment in May 2016, the star has taken the lead in the ongoing courtroom drama, Bull.

However, the agent has remained one of long-running NCIS fans’ firm favourites, in part thanks to his flirtations with fellow agent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo).

With rumours of Weatherly’s return to the franchise circulating the newly announced spin-off, NCIS: Hawaii, current star Wilmer Valderrama took to Instagram to pay tribute to his senior agent.

When asked about his thoughts on Tony DiNozzo’s lengthy stint with NCIS, Valderrama had nothing but positive things to say about his first meeting with Weatherly.

The star told his Instagram followers: “So, I think Michael is fantastic.”

He then recalled: “I got the chance at the beginning, I think I came in on the 13th season.”

“During that season I got a chance to see him launch Bull.”

Although Torres and DiNozzo have sadly never shared the screen together, Valderrama was given the chance to visit the set after landing the role during filming for season 13.

The NCIS newcomer was able to speak with Michael Weatherly just as DiNozzo was wrapping up his final storyline for the long-running action series.

Valderrama continued: “We were able to have a great conversation, expectations and all that. He was actually really supportive and very empowering.”

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Following DiNozzo’s departure, the NCIS team was in desperate need of a new field agent to take on its toughest cases.

Thankfully, Torres entered the picture when his cover was blown in the premiere of NCIS season 14, ‘Rogue’.

Having already been an agent for years prior to his debut on the series, Torres was the perfect choice to fill the DiNozzo shaped hole in the NCIS office.

Filling his shoes was no simple task, but luckily Weatherly was on hand to offer Valderrama some comforting advice.

The star revealed: “He told me to just kind of run with it, have a lot of fun with the character and try to create something the show hadn’t done before.

“I really respected Michael for that because he’s made such a home with you guys. I learned to appreciate him and learned to appreciate what he had done for the show.”

Six years down the line, Torres has become one of the most valued members of the team.

With just a few episodes left in NCIS season 18, fans are now keeping their fingers crossed he’ll finally admit his feelings to fellow agent Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) before it’s too late.

NCIS season 18 continues Tuesday, April 20 on CBS.

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