Neighbours’ Paul Robinson hit with ‘massive bombshell’ as he teases feud

Neighbours teaser trailer

Stefan Dennis is returning to Neighbours as Paul Robinson when it drops on Amazon Freevee, and the actor has teased a feud for his character.

“There’s a massive bombshell which I cannot even begin to tell you about,” he teased speaking exclusively to and other press.

“But it is massive,” he reiterated. “Paul has taken it upon himself to thoroughly dislike one of the new characters.

“And when Paul doesn’t like somebody, you know what he’s like? And he even dislikes more someone associated with that character,” he intimated.

“So yeah, when Paul sets out to make somebody’s life, a misery, he does it well,” he said ,”and yeah, so you’re gonna see a lot of that.”

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With several new characters, joining the cast for the eagerly anticipated Amazon Freevee revival of the Australian soap he could be referring to anybody, so fans will just have to wait and see who rubs him the conniving businessman up the wrong way.

Stefan, 64, has been in the show since the very first episode in 1985 and is excited about the show’s revival following its cancellation last year after 37 years on air.

Fans from across the world expressed their sadness over the ending of the iconic soap and a special star studded final episode was broadcast in July 2022.

Just months later however, Amazon confirmed it had picked up the series and would be rebooting it.

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They subsequently announced that the iconic show would return to screens on September 18.

The new series boast two Hollywood stars in La Confidential and Memento star Guy Pearce reprising his role as Mike young and The O.C. star Mischa Barton playing a mysterious new character called Reece.

When asked what fans can expect from the revamped show Stefan excitedly answered: ”Excitement mayhem, comedy, drama, pathos, etc. The list goes on.

“I’ll tell you what you expect. You expect Neighbours. That’s the good thing you get Neighbours back”” he exclaimed.

“You’re not going to get some rebooted strange show that you don’t know anything about. It’s good old Neighbours as good as it’s ever been. In fact, probably better.”

Neighbours will stream on Amazon Freevee Monday to Thursday from September 18.

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