New Shudder Original Explores Cursed Movies, Watch The First Trailer Now

There is plenty of lore surrounding movies–particularly horror–that certain film sets had a curse put on them. Most famously, there has been a rumor for decades that the skeletons used in Poltergeist were actual human remains from India, and in turn, using the bones of the deceased placed a curse on the project.

The new Shudder docuseries Cursed Films explores the myths and lore around certain movies, interviewing those involved with the production to find out what really happened. You can find out more about the new series in the trailer below.

This first season will consist of five episode, 30-minute episodes. Each one will explore one film that many have perceived to be cursed through stories that have been passed from one person to another over the years.

While these movies were all filmed and released prior to the popularization of the internet, these stories still lived on. And now that we use the internet as out primary way to communicate, these stories have become more popular than ever. Check out the release schedule for Cursed Films below.

Cursed Films release schedule:

  • April 2: The Exorcist
  • April 9: Poltergeist
  • April 9: The Omen
  • April 16: The Crow
  • April 16: Twilight Zone: The Movie

Jay Cheel has written, directed, and edited the new series, and this isn’t his first time diving into myth and lore surround horror. In 2017, he directed the bizarre Helltown movie for Travel Channel. It explored an Ohio town, which in 1974 was bought by the National Parks Service to be made into a national park. Cheel’s movie discussed all the conspiracy theories revolving around why this happened, which included a military cover-up of a chemical spill and a satanic cult taking over the area.

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