Nikki Bella's Sister Didn't Like Artem Chigvintsev When They Started Dating

Former WWE wrestler and realitystar Nikki Bella is coming up on her one-year anniversary of dating former DancingWith The Stars proArtem Chigvintsev. The two have been frequently spotted lately enjoyingeach other’s company (to say the least), where their relationship is obviouslygoing strong.

The couple recently revealed that Bella’s twin sister Brie was not supportive of the romance at first, making it difficult for Chigvintsev to spend time with his new love interest.

Old and new relationships

Bella and Chigvintsev met when they were paired as partners on Season 25 of Dancing With The Stars. At the time, Bella was engaged to actor John Cena. In 2018, the couple went through a highly publicized break up. The former WWE star recently spoke of the healing process she was still going through.

“You really, truly have to love yourself and every day dedicate something to you that is making you better. You also have to let yourself cry,” she said on The Bellas Podcast last month, according to Entertainment Tonight. “I still get days that I cry about my breakup, but we were together a long time. So when those tears come, I don’t try to hold them in. I find a quiet place and I cry… Moments when I’m really down or questioning my decision, I meditate. It’s crazy how clear your head feels and how clear your decision feels.”

Bellastarted dating Chigvintsevin December 2018. The couple are clearly smitten with each other, often gettingsnapped by paparazzi exhibiting some serious PDA. In May, Bella commented thatshe was trying to take things slow. “I think of everything that I’ve beenthrough — it’s been an incredibly hard year, but a year that I’ve had so muchgrowth and I’ve learned so much and I’ve appreciated so much in my life,” shesaid, according to People. “I have thisamazing thing in my life that makes me so incredibly happy that I just am like,‘You know what — I’m gonna take it day by day and see where it goes.’ I don’twant to jump into anything.”

Family business

Apparently, Bella’s sister Brie wanted her to avoid rushing into any new romances. Having a sense of sibling protection over her twin sister, Brie was less than thrilled over the new coupling. “She was very mean to me,” Chigvintsev told Entertainment Tonight. “It was very tough in the beginning because I had to prove myself in a sense. But I appreciated it from her because she’s a sister who’s looking after another sister and I feel like she wanted to have her back. I respect that.”

Bella shared that Chigvintsev couldn’t attend family events due to Brie’s objection to the romance, making it difficult for their relationship to grow. “It would make me hesitant to be with him and want to take it to the next level,” Bella said. “Because it’s one thing when your family doesn’t like the person that you’re with, but when it’s your twin sister who you do business with, who you’re around all the time… I was like, ‘OK, this is really hard.’”

It reached the point where Brie wouldn’t even want to see Chigvintsev if she was on a callwith her sister. “I’d be on Facetime and Brie would be in with [her daughter]Birdie, and she’d be like, ‘Artem is not allowed to look into the camera.’ Hecouldn’t even be on Facetime, even in the background,” Bella revealed.

Evidently, Chigvintsev was able to win over Brie, and thetwo have forged a solid friendship.  “They cooktogether all the time and Birdie’s obsessed with him,” Bella shared.

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More family intervention

According to their recent conversation withEntertainment Tonight, it sounds like Chigvintsev’s family is alsoputting their two cents in, though in a much different manner. “My mom told me that my dad told her to ask me [aboutbabies]. It was a weird conversation,” Chigvintsev revealed. “In my opinion, I feel like I definitely want to have kids,but there’s never a right time to have kids because you will always be like,‘Oh, I wish this was better.’ My parents had me and my brother when trustme, no one wanted to have kids at that time, and look — we turned outOK!”

The subject of children seems to be a hot topicwith the couple. According to E! News, in a recent episode of The Bellas Podcast, Bellaasked Chigvintsev directly if he wanted a to have a child with her,where he replied, “That’s so cute! Um, yeah!”

That’s all the former wrestler needed to hear, where shecontinued to go full speed ahead on family planning. “I want twins. I want aboy and a girl and I want to knock it out all at once,” Bella said. “I want anepidural right when I get into labor. I don’t want to feel anything. Those arethe things I want.”

This relationship is definitely one to watch!

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