‘Not a top quality BBC moment’ Chris Packham criticises stepdaughter Megan

Morning Live: Chris Packham apologises for singing on new show

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Chris Packham has teamed up with his stepdaughter Megan McCubbin in his new series Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer. The new show sees the duo encounter a number of interesting creatures across the UK. On Tuesday, Morning Live presenters Gethin Jones and Janette Manrara welcomed Chris and Megan onto the programme to discuss their recent adventures. However, Chris was quick to tease his stepdaughter when the topic of singing came up in the interview.

Gethin pointed out in Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer, as well as watching the pair connect with wildlife, viewers can see Chris and Megan showing off their vocal skills.

He joked: “We’ve heard that the seals have a bit of a sing-song, the alpacas, and actually they are both much nicer singing voices than Chris.”

Megan burst out laughing as a clip of her singing in the car with her stepdad was shown on-screen.

“This show also brought you two closer together,” Gethin remarked.

Jannette chimed in: “There you go a bit of karaoke on the road together.”

“That’s got to be a tough drive hasn’t it, Megs?” Gethin asked.

“Yes, I mean, I can only apologise for the singing. I hope I didn’t deafen anyone because I don’t particularly have a good voice either,” Megan replied.

“No,” Chris quickly said in agreement, causing Megan to burst out laughing.

Chris continued: “I’m the worst singer in the world and Megs is the second worst singer in the world.

“So, with two of us in a car singing along to our favourite indie hits was probably not a top quality BBC Two moment,” the wildlife expert concluded.

“Well, we’re not into this show for your singing but for everything else that you mentioned. It’ll be absolutely fantastic,” Gethin added.

Despite the teasing, Megan praised her stepfather and revealed how much she enjoys working alongside him.

Megan explained: “We’ve been travelling together since I was about two years old.

“So, we’re quite used to being in ship cabins or small train rides or something. We’ve spent a lot of time together in quite close quarters I think.

“But, we hadn’t done it for a little while since I probably went off to university.

“So, it was a great opportunity to go out and explore an area which we really really love. The area that’s on our doorstep,” Megan added.

“It’s been nice hasn’t it?” Megan remarked, with Chris conceding: “It was very nice indeed. It was very nice indeed.

“I didn’t have to do any of your washing up,” he joked.

“Still getting along then?” Janette asked, with Megan replying: “Just about!”

Morning Live airs weekdays at 9:15am on BBC One and Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer airs Sundays at 8:30pm on BBC Two.

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