Our seaside town is famous thanks to Tyson Fury's Netflix hit – we love the attention but there's a side they don't show | The Sun

RESIDENTS in a seaside town made famous by Tyson Fury's Netflix hit say they love the attention – but there's a side viewers don't see.

At Home With The Furys has proved a knockout success in the world heavyweight’s hometown.

Tyson Fury has made seaside resort Morecambe home for him and his family, and the runaway success of the show has significantly raised the profile of the town.

David Waddington, 44, owner of Miogelato, said: "I thought the show was fantastic for the town.

"Tyson and his family do a lot to publicise the town and do their best to be a part of the community. The show has really captured the beauty of Morecambe, and that has been great for Morecambe.

"It is a really entertaining show and is trending number one on Netflix, which is a great postcard for Morecambe."

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Julie O’Hara, who runs the Bay Café, added: "Tyson often comes in here to eat fish and chips with his family.

"His kids prefer sausage and chips, Paris orders haggis and Tyson just had a drink last time he came in because he is in training.

"When he comes in here, he his just a like any normal father – out with his kids and is just an everyday guy.

"We get a lot of visitors coming in and asking about Tyson. They ask if we know him, does he come in a lot and have we seen him.

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“I think they just want a glimpse of Tyson.”

Julie added: “The show has put little old Morecambe on the map.

“I think Tyson likes living here because he’s just treated like a local and doesn’t get hassled.

“He also likes to support local businesses in the town.”

Tattooist Keiran Thompson, 32, said: “I have watched the show and it is a good watch.

“It gives a good insight into his family life and is funny.

“I have seen him around the town quite a lot. Just going about doing normal, everyday jobs.

“You wouldn’t know he was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world by the way he behaves.

“He’s often seen just walking down the promenade.”

Morgan Francom, 24, said: “He is entertaining and has certainly put all the eyes of the world on to Morecambe.

“I think when he’s in town, he just wants to be treated like anyone else.

“I’ve seen him in the Arndale, and the Co-op, just going about his business. Nobody seems to bother him.”

Morgan, a barber, added: “I’m not a massive fan and haven’t watched the show. My partner has watched it and she loves it. She keeps trying to persuade me to watch it with her but it’s set in Morecambe, where I live. Why would I want to watch it?

“Tyson Fury living in Morecambe has been really good for local boxing clubs in the town.”

Victoria Hall, 28, who runs Boudicca piercing and beauty, said: “I see him around town a lot.

“He goes into the Post Office and is going about his normal, general life.

“I’ve watched the show and I really did enjoy it. I wasn’t a fan of Tyson before I watched the show but now I’ve seen the documentary I’ve changed my view on him

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“You get to see more of the real Tyson and his family life, and it makes him more personable. The documentary shows that he is just like everyone else was he is at home with his wife and family.

“He has done a lot for the town and maybe should get a statue like Eric Morecambe!"

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