Outlander boss details deleted Aunt Jocasta and Brianna Fraser scene Took energy out

Outlander: Caitriona Balfe teases season six

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The fourth season of the popular Starz series brought on new challenges for time-traveller Brianna Fraser (played by Sophie Skelton). After leaving her life in the 1960s, she follows her parents Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) back to the 18th Century, but a deleted scene in Outlander’s season finale shows how tough she found time travelling.

Executive producer Ronald Moore has revealed why the difficult decision was made to cut a crucial scene in Outlander’s fourth season finale.

Episode 13, Man of Worth, starts off with good news for River Run as Brianna finally welcomes her baby boy, Jeremiah.

However, Claire faces a tough conversation with Roger (Richard Rankin) when she reveals Bree had been raped, and asks him whether he can learn to raise a child who may not be his.

Before they head back to Bree and Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy), the Frasers have a misunderstanding with a group of Mohawk.

Seeking the stone around Claire’s neck, some members of the tribe eventually ally themselves with the Frasers and help them free Roger.

Back at River Run, Bree is anxiously awaiting their return, and the episode would have seen her confide in Jocasta before it reached the editing room.

“This scene was cut for two reasons,” producer Ronald explained.

“One was time in the episode, and one was pace to the episode.”

During their conversation, Bree has yet to give birth and admits concerns that her new baby won’t have a father.

“What if you were right?” she asks Jocasta. “And Roger’s already gone.

“What if he’s dead? And so are my parents?”

Jocasta assures Bree that her baby is still with family, and won’t be raised alone as long as River Run still stands.

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Ronald admitted: “It’s a nice scene between Jocasta and Brianna, but it did feel like when you watched it in the cut itself that they kind of brought the show to a stop.

“It sort of took a lot of the energy out of the jeopardy of what was happening with the Frasers in the other part of the story.”

While the Frasers’ adventures at the Mohawk settlement are suitably action-packed for the season finale, Bree and Jocasta’s conversation would have screeched the episode to a halt.

Their mission in New York also culminates with the departure of Young Ian (John Bell), who agrees to go with the Mohawks in exchange for Roger.

“So it is a nice scene with Jocasta and Brianna when you watch it in isolation,” Ronald continued.

“But when it was in the larger context of the show it felt like it just slowed things down.

“We opted to pick up the pace a little bit. But it is a lovely scene.”

Thankfully, the decision paid off, and season four concluded with an epic finale that left fans desperate to see how the story continued.

Outlander season six premieres Sunday, March 6 on Starz and STARZPLAY.

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