Outlander season 6: Marsali Fraser stars reveals why she won’t watch Starz series

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Fans of Outlander first met Marsali in season three when it was revealed Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) had married Laoghaire MacKenzie (Nell Hudson) when Claire (Caitriona Balfe) had travelled back to her own time before the Battle of Culloden. When Claire returned to the 18th Century 20 years later, Jamie and Laoghaire’s marriage was declared invalid but the highlander promised to continue caring for his stepdaughters, which included Marsali.

When Claire and Jamie boarded a ship to the Caribbean to track down Young Ian (John Bell), who was kidnapped, Marsali snuck on board too.

It was revealed she had fallen for Fergus Fraser (César Domboy) and Jamie finally agreed the pair could marry.

Fergus and Marsali have always been close by as Claire, Jamie and Young Ian settled on Fraser’s Ridge.

Most recently, Marsali has been training as Claire’s surgical apprentice between giving birth to many children

Marsali has become a fan favourite for her role but actress Lauren has admitted she can’t watch herself or her co-stars back.

Despite having a good time on set, the star revealed she finds it uncomfortable seeing her friends in raunchy scenes.

During an interview on the Outcasts podcast, host Tim Downie detailed how he had encouraged his family to tune into Outlander to watch him in character.

However, what he didn’t realise was the episode he suggested they watch was cut with a “quite graphic sex scene”.

“There is nothing more awkward than sitting there and just going, ‘Okay just look at the floor, when is it over?’ Quick glance, ‘Okay that’s a bit graphic,’” he recalled.

“Then you’re sort of ‘Oh, we’re back.’”

Lauren went on to agree saying the graphic sex scenes are part of the reason why she doesn’t watch the Starz series.

“This is why I can’t really watch the show, because there’s so much sex in it, in Outlander,” she detailed.

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“It’s now all of my friends having sex and I don’t need to see that.

“I don’t watch it, it doesn’t make me want to be involved in any way and I don’t want to look at them differently.”

She added: “So I tend to just not now, I don’t need to see it.”

Meanwhile, Lauren also opened up on her next role away from Outlander: “I don’t know what I can totally say. I can two things probably.

“Right before lockdown I was filming a BBC series, which I can’t say anything about what it is or who I am in it because I haven’t been announced yet.

“But I am allowed to say I’m doing a BBC series I think and it’s totally, totally different to Outlander. It’s been amazing.”

“I’ve requested the smallest role possible and they’ve tried their best to negotiate that for me.

“It’s actually pretty good. She is badass again but different. Very modern. So we had to put that on hold as everyone else did with filming anything.”

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.

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