Ozark theory: Fans convinced Jonah shot Bens ashes after major weather clue?

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Netflix’s award-winning crime drama Ozark came to an explosive end in April after it aired the fourth and final episode. However, fans suggest Jonah Byrde (played by Skylar Gaertner) didn’t kill Mel Sattem (Adam Rothenburg) during the nail-biting scene.

Season four of the hit crime series showed the Bryde family dealing with the aftermath of Ben Davis’ (Tom Pelphrey) death.

Back in season three, Wendy Bryde (Laura Linney) was forced to call a hit man on her younger brother after he began to expose their money-laundering scheme.

While she had swept his death under the rug, the latter came to haunt her as her estranged father Nathan Davis (Richard Thomas) temporarily moved to the town with his search party.

The concerned father had also hired a private investigator Mel who forced his way into the family to uncover the truth about Ben.

During Mel’s investigations, he found Wendy and her husband Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) suspicious, but couldn’t pin anything on them.

Eventually, he concluded Ben had disappeared at the hands of the Navarro cartel.

Although the cartel’s hitmen had killed Ben, Marty and Wendy were laundering money for them.

There was another issue on the horizon for the couple as Nathan wanted to take custody of his grandchildren, with Mel’s testimony.

However, Mel was a no-show at court as the Byrde’s had set up a plan to give the private investigator his dream job back as a police officer.

With his start date being the same date as the court he decided to travel and secure his new role instead.

Despite this, something drew him back to the Ozarks, and it was revealed Mel had discovered Ben’s ashes, which the family kept in an urn shaped like a goat head.

The family returned in shock to find him in the garden with the ashes and this is where Jonah fired a gun at Sattem.

However, fans believe the episode ended differently as viewers didn’t see the shot but instead heard it, after screens went dark.

Taking to Reddit, Skunk_Giant disclosed: “I’m inclined to believe he shot Ben’s urn, Mel’s key evidence.

“But all those ashes would’ve gone everywhere when hit with a shotgun blast, they would’ve gone over the grounds, over everyone’s clothes.

“Enter genuine divine intervention, the heavens open up, and the rain we’ve been promised comes pouring down, washing away the final evidence of the Byrdes’ wrongdoings.”

The fan highlighted the rain was a major clue to Jonah shooting at the urn, as the weather was consistently hinted at.

The user added: “We’re given all these hints throughout the last couple of episodes that there’s going to be a tonne of rain on the night of the Gala.

“Wendy has multiple scenes where she’s listening to the radio and the radio host warns everyone of the dangerous amount of rain that’s going to come down on that night.”

If Jonah did shoot at the urn, the rain would have completely washed away Ben’s ashes as well as Mel’s hopes of putting Wendy in jail.

Ozark is available on Netflix.

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