Paul Gascoignes appearance leaves BBC viewers distracted

Paul Gascoigne looks back on the Italia 90 World Cup

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The 55-year-old appeared on Wednesday’s BBC Breakfast to discuss an upcoming documentary series about Italia 90. As the footballing legend reflected on the monumental time though, BBC viewers were more focused on his appearance, with several stunned by how “fantastic” Gazza was looking.

“Delighted to see you and to have you on BBC Breakfast this morning,” host Sally Nugent commented as Paul joined the show via a video call.

“Remind everybody at home how special Italia 90 was, why that was such a groundbreaking tournament.”

Paul replied: “I think firstly, probably sounds like obviously playing for England but then, you know, it was one of my first tournament games, big games and to be in the World Cup was special because I used to watch a lot when I was younger but yeah, just listening and watching that there is bringing back memories – great times.”

“I was watching you and I could see a big smile on your face Gazza as you listened to the commentary on all of that,” Sally remarked.

“I mean, I bet you couldn’t believe at the time you were there!”

Paul laughed: “Yeah, I mean, considering four years before that I was on holiday watching the guys of 1986 and then four years later I’m in the World Cup.

“It brings back loads of memories – and great memories. You know, a lot of people try and take things away from us but they could never take away the 1990 World Cup.”

“And watching the film, it’s amazing to relive those memories now,” Sally stated.

“You know, you talk about being called up having been on holiday four years previously and watched it on the telly, were you nervous? Because to me it just looked like you were having a brilliant time.”

“I was!” Gazza laughed. “Especially the Piña Coladas on the sly!

“Yeah, it was brilliant. I did get caught, but that’s alright.”

Viewers’ social media comments were mainly geared towards how Gazza looked, with many taking to Twitter to applaud his positive appearance.

Twitter user @joodropsicle wrote: “@gazza looks b****y fantastic.”

@Foxinthebox1 remarked: “Watching Gazza on the Tele right now, great to see he’s looking well! What a player and character!

“Wish we had him going into this WC.”

@SmeltaE penned: “Gazza looking well there on @BBCBreakfast. Good to see.”

@RBrigdale1984 echoed this, posting: “Watching @BBCBreakfast and it’s brilliant to see Gazza looking so well! Italia 90 ignited my love for football.”

@mrskinflint99 remarked: “@Paul_Gascoigne8 Gazza looking good on BBC Breakfast this morning. Great to see. COYS.”

“Gazza is looking and sounding so much better than I’ve seen him in years #BBCBreakfast,” @valleyboy1977 shared.

However, some aired concerns, with a few fans insisting he looked “old” as @spiraltastic tweeted: “God, Gazza’s looking old.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One, while Italia 90: Four Weeks that Changed the World is available on Sky Documentaries and NOW.

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