People Are DRAGGING Emma Watson for Her American Accent in the ‘Little Women’ Trailer

In case you haven’t been on the internet in the past two hours, the Little Women trailer just dropped and people are legit freaking out about it. There’s a lot to discuss, naturally, starting with Saoirse Ronan’s incredible performance and continuing with Timothée Chalamet’s excellent hair plus Meryl Streep’s one-liner.

Some people, however, have THOUGHTS about Emma Watson’s accent in the film. Emma is obviously British, so she had to do an American accent to portray Meg, and…the internet is not a fan. You can watch her in the clip above.

I’m not picking a side here, as I can assume doing an American accent is Very Hard. I’m just trying to relay what the people have to say. First, some fans straight-up don’t think she did an American accent at all. Like, they think she didn’t even try.


wait was emma watson doing an accent i literally couldn’t tell lmao

Maybe a little harsh! But other people are just generally roasting her, and it’s kinda mean but also kinda LOL.

emma watson’s accent though

Saoirse ronan Saoirse ronan
3 seconds 3 seconds
before emma after emma
watson started watson started
that accent that accent

i cannot breathe wtf accent is emma watson trying to do

Is Emma watson just fully incapable of doing an american accent or

me when i heard emma watson’s american accent on the little women trailer

emma watson said 3 words in this trailer and the am already certain her accent will be atrocious

florence pugh and saoirse ronan when they heard emma watson’s accent

emma watson’s idris elba’s
american accent american accent
in little women in molly’s game
being bad

does emma watson’s accent count as bullying

me @ Emma Watson’s accent in the Little Women trailer

Who lied to emma watson and told her american accent was good u thought she knew after perks of being a wallflower

… emma watson trying to do an american accent

Emma Watson’s accent coach arriving late to set every morning

Again, I’m not here to pass judgment either way. If you think the accent is good, then I respect your opinion, but I also have to tell you that all of Twitter disagrees with you.

This movie comes out on Christmas day, BTW, so consider that the ultimate present and plan accordingly.

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