Phillip Schofield’s daughter Ruby is selling her famous dad’s old clothes online at £40 a pop – The Sun

PHILLIP Schofield's daughter is selling her famous dad's old clothes online at £40 a pop.

The 58-year-old star posted a link to 24-year-old Ruby's Depop page on Instagram, urging fans to splash out.

Sharing a photo of the AllSaints shirt for sale, the TV presenter wrote: "Bloody hell, she's at it again!!

"@RubySchofe is selling my clothes on Depop!!"

Among her own unwanted items of clothing, Ruby had listed the patterned short-sleeved shirt in size medium, which she had pictured hanging in their family garden.

Phil wears long-sleeved tops while presenting his shows such as This Morning and Dancing On Ice, meaning that it is unlikely that this particularly shirt has graced our tellies.

Other snaps included a photo of the All Saints label, with Ruby captioning the listing: "And in keeping with tradition, here’s one from Schofe’s wardrobe. A beaut allsaints number".

It was listed for £40 – with many of Ruby's other items significantly cheaper at £10 and under in her store, which has a "no refunds" policy.

However, fans were undeterred by the price tag, and Phil's shirt had been sold in less than 20 minutes.

Men's AllSaints shirts start at just £32 on their website, going over £100 for products that are made of Shearling or suede.

This is not the first shirt of her famous dad's that Ruby has sold, previously securing £30 for an old Next number.

Ruby is the star's youngest daughter, with Phil – who came out as gay in February – and wife Steph also mum and dad to 27-year-old Molly.

The family are currently in lockdown together at their Oxfordshire home, joined by Ruby's boyfriend Will.

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