Popular BBC soap axed after 23 years with final airing date already confirmed

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    Doctors has been axed after 23 years on the flagship channel, with its final airing date already confirmed by producers.

    The BBC medical drama has been gracing our screens since the turn of the century regularly stealing the lunchtime slot. But after more than two decades, the show will be coming to an end next year, with showrunner Kate Oates promising fans the programme will get the finale it deserves.

    She confirmed that the latest episodes of the gripping drama will indeed be its last, with the show thought to be no longer affordable in the BBC's daytime budget. Filming will come to an end in March 2023, with the final episodes set to air in December that year.

    In a lengthy statement, the BBC said: "We have taken the very difficult decision to bring daytime Doctors to an end after 23 years. With super inflation in drama production, the cost of the programme has increased significantly, and further investment is also now required to refurbish the site where the show is made, or to relocate it to another home.

    "With a flat license-fee, the BBC's finding challenges mean we have to make tough choices in order to deliver greater value to audiences. We remain fully committed to the West Midlands and all of the funding for Doctors will be reinvested into new programming in the region.

    "We would like to thank all the Doctors cast and crew who have been involved in the show since 2000."

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