'Power' Creator Courtney Kemp Gives a Hint About Who Shot Ghost

After the Power midseason finale aired back in November 2019, fans were left asking the ubiquitous question: Who shot Ghost?

It appeared that fans would get answers when the show returned on Jan. 5, but the episode did not produce any major revelation. Power creator Courtney Kemp, however, recently dropped a hint about the shooter, saying in an interview that they’re right under your nose.

What happened to Ghost?

In case you missed it or need a refresher, Ghost was ambushed in his nightclub, Truth, by an unknown assailant. As he stood on a balcony in the club, someone fired from behind, sending Ghost over the catwalk with a wound to the chest.

Before the shooting, Ghost had become extremely arrogant over his budding political career, creating tension with almost every character on the show. Many of his enemies were armed and on their way to the club ahead of the shooting — including Tariq, Dre, Saxe, Tommy, Tasha, Paz, and Tate.

The list of suspects has since been narrowed down

In the Jan. 5 episode, we learned that one of these characters was not the culprit, though they still met a rather, um, fiery fate.

Moving forward, the show will rule out the suspects one-by-one. The second of the five remaining episode, which airs on Jan. 12, focuses on Paz, who has always despised Ghost but especially after the death of her sister, Angela Valdez. (Ghost did not kill Valdez, but Paz believes otherwise.)

While some fans believe the shooter will turn out to be someone other than these suspects, Kemp recently told TVGuide that one of them “definitely did it.”

Courtney Kemp gives a hint about the shooter

In a Nov. 3, 2019 interview with Deadline, Kemp basically said the killer is hiding in plain sight.

“All the clues are there,” she said. “Honestly, I feel as though I’ve just served you a delicious mystery, now time to figure out whodunnit.”

She was pressed for more details about the shooter in a Jan. 5 interview with Entertainment Weekly and while she did provide an answer, it’s not one that fans were expecting.

“The answer to that question is me, I’m the one who shot Ghost,” she teased. “Ultimately, no matter which character we say their bullet landed, I’m the one responsible.”

Kemp also spoke to TVLine on Jan. 3 about the decision to have someone shoot Ghost, saying that it was bound to happen given his history.

“I always knew that Ghost was going to have to get some sort of consequence for his behavior. Was that going to be incarceration or homicide? Who could say?” she said. “But I made a promise to the audience very early on that he was in dead or in jail or some version of that: getting shot, getting hurt, losing everything.”

She added: “Ghost is the kind of person who keeps going… unless he loses everything.”

Ghost’s fate was also revealed in the Jan. 5 episode. For more on that, click here.

In regards to the shooter, you’ll just have to stay tuned.

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