Prince Harry blasted by royal expert over Princess Lilibets title

Sarah Ferguson says Meghan Markle ‘makes Prince Harry happy’

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Esther McVey and Philip Davies invited Kinsey Schofield on Friday’s instalment of their GB News programme via video link from the USA. The royal expert weighed in on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children now being referred to as Princess Lilibet Diana and Prince Archie Harrison.

Kinsey began: “Harry talked about wanting a family and not an institution, so why is it so important for his son to be a prince, specifically with Lili?

“These are American children now. Lili was born in the States so what is she the princess of because Americans fought a war to not have to acknowledge royals?

“So I don’t really understand what the objective is unless it’s monetary.”

Broadcaster Esther quipped: “Could she be the Princess of Netflix?”

Harry and Meghan used the title princess for their daughter, known as Lili, when she was christened in Los Angeles on Friday.

It was the first time she has been publicly referred to as a princess.

Technically, Archie and Lilibet became prince and princess when King Charles III acceded to the throne, but they have remained master and miss on Buckingham Palace’s website.

The palace has confirmed the website’s line of succession would be updated to reflect the change.

The expert was then asked how popular Harry and Meghan are in the US compared to the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Kinsey claimed: “I can tell you confidently that it is [Prince] William and [Princess] Catherine who are winning the popularity contest here in the States.

“For Harry and Meghan, after the release of Spare and even that episode of South Park, their popularity took a huge dive.

“At this point in time, they are less popular here in America than Prince Andrew.”

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Kinsey’s comments sparked a backlash from GB News viewers who hit out on Twitter about her claims.

James D Magee said: “Who the hell is Kinsey Scholdfield and why the hell should anyone care what she thinks?

“They are the same as William’s children, of course, they have a b****y title! Where do you find these fools and why do you keep spewing their garbage?”

@Tonjomes1 said: “I don’t know if you are aware, GB News but GB’s current problems don’t just revolve around [Gary] Linekar and Harry. It’s not as if we are living in great economic times.”

Meanwhile, @Moog68 shared: “Harry and Meghan have spent considerable time and energy berating the Royal Family as a toxic institution yet they cling on to the titles because of the privileges and advantages that they bring. Hypocrisy yet again from these two.”

Jonny Newco said of Kinsey’s comments: “She is 100 percent correct as usual.”

Dave, who listened to the expert’s opinion, simply commented: Yawn.” (sic)

Esther McVey and Philip Davies’ show continues on GB News on Saturday at 10am.

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