Princess Diana recoiled when Jimmy Savile licked her hand in creepy moment

Princess Diana was 'creeped out' by Jimmy Savile's behaviour, and 'recoiled' when the disgraced TV star licked her hand, a new show has claimed.

It revealed that Jimmy Savile "inserted himself" into Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage and would show up unannounced.

Jimmy Savile was able to hide his predatory crimes by establishing relationships with high profile people and by helping with charity work.

In a new ITV documentary on Savile, it was claimed that Princess Diana "recoiled" from him while her husband Charles was "gullible" and enjoyed having the abuser around.

The documentary, Saville: Portrait of a Predator, looks into how he hid his decades of abuse. It aired Thursday on ITV.

After making relationships with high profile A-listers including Prince Charles, former royal correspondent Richard Kay and former royal press secretary Dickie Arbiter revealed how Diana "recoiled" from the paedophile.

Kay looked back on the closeness of the future heir to the throne and Savile in the documentary.

He said: “He inserted himself into their marriage in the way that he was someone who made himself available. And Charles liked having him around.

“He would turn up, Diana told me, at Kensington Palace, where she lived, uninvited and would manage to persuade the police on the, on the gate, who never let anyone in without an invitation, to walk in.”

Kay explained how Diana said he would sort of come and say, ‘Well, I'm just here just to check up on you,’

He continued: “And she said that Charles used to sort of quip, that if there was a problem that needed sorting out, they'll get Jim to do it because 'Jim'll fix it''. I think she found it slightly unnerving.”

The royal correspondent added how Saville would "walk in and drift around Diana's apartment”.

He would also “kiss the hands of the secretaries” and “rub his lips” up their arms.

Kay explained how he also did this to the Princess.

He added: “He licked Princess Diana's hand and she recoiled from that. As she told me, it was something very creepy."

Dickie agreed with the royal correspondent and revealed he didn't like the man from the beginning and explained some of Savile's "unsavoury" behaviour.

He said: "I did voice it at the time saying it's not really on and I did say that man is dreadful,

"But he was pretty well established in government circles, with prime ministers of the day. And by being pretty well established, he was fairly untouchable.

“At the time Charles was gullible. I mean, I'm saying with hindsight he was gullible. At the time he was gullible, as was everybody else.”

The Prince of Wales visited Savile in 1999 at his home after an official visit.

There are no suggestions that Prince Charles or his staff were aware of Savile's offending.

After Savile's death, 214 crimes against him were recorded but the NSPCC put the numbers to reports of sexual abuse related to him at 500.

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