RHOBH's Brandi Glanville looks unrecognizable in new interview months after denying plastic surgery

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville looked unrecognizable in a new interview just months after denying plastic surgery.

She, however, has been very open about her botox injections, breast augmentation, and even vaginal rejuvenation.

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On Wednesday's episode of the Australian show, The Morning Show, Brandi made an appearance to promote her podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, and to talk about her time as a housewife.

However, fans weren't all that interested in what she had to say but instead, focused on her altered looks.

Brandi's skin looked perfectly smooth, her cheekbones seemed higher and plumper than usual,and her lips also looked slightly more swollen than before.

Back in July, Brandi denied she had gotten plastic surgery after fans questioned her face once more during another interview.

She wrote on Twitter at the time: "First off you are mean. I do look bad but I haven't done anything to my face. I was watching makeup tutorials and trying not to use so much blush and please f**k off hater.

"I had to do my own makeup & we had virtual lighting. I suck at both hair and makeup. I look horrible :("

She then said in another tweet that she was swollen from dental surgery, adding: "The only surgery I’ve had during quarantine was emergency dental surgery where they ripped two teeth from my skull and I had to do interviews I am still swollen but thank you for making me feel like a complete disgusting monster I have feelings to people!"

Two months ago, fans worried for Brandi after she began to cry over parting with her couch.

Over the weekend, Brandi, 48, uploaded a video on her Facebook page that was simply titled “I’m quitting.” 

She immediately appeared upset before teasing the issue, saying: “It pains me to do this.

“But unfortunately, I’m going to have to cut someone out of my life that I spend every f**king day with and I love and I sleep with it.

“And I… I feel like I’m addicted to it and I might need to leave it. But, it’s so hard when you love something and someone… How do you just walk away?”

The Bravo star appeared to feel more upset as she cried harder, but still not saying exactly who the split was with. 

“I mean, how do you f**king do it? For the health of me and my children, I’m going to quit. 

“And I don’t know what I’d do without this. I have to do it. It’s an unhealthy relationship. It takes everything from me. 

"I don’t get anything done. It consumes me so this is it. I’m going to say it and I’m going to do it,” the TV personality continued. 

The reality star then revealed: “You’re my witness. I, Brandi Glanville, am no longer going to be on my couch. 

“I’m done with my couch. I don’t understand. I want it every day but now I’m walking away. I’m doing it,” she added as she walked off the frame. 

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