RHOBH's Erika Jayne SLAMMED for taking private jet after being accused of 'stealing millions from orphans'

REAL Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne was SLAMMED for taking a private jet.

The 49-year-old chose the luxurious mode of transportation after she was accused of “stealing millions from orphans.”

Erika has been under fire ever since she and her ex-husband Tom Girardi, 82, were accused of embezzlement.

After The Daily Mail obtained photos of Erika heading toward the swanky aircraft, RHOBH fans rushed to Reddit to slam the TV personality.

One person wrote: “Looking at her makes me sick. The things her and Tom’s victims when through, and she could care less. Terrible person. I haven’t had a desire to turn on bravo recently due to their condoning this behavior.”

Another slammed the way Erika accessorized her outfit, writing: “Ew she’s wearing that Cartier ring!!! What a f**king shameless asshole.”

A third chimed in: “She is a selfish piece of trash and Bravo shouldn't be giving her a platform.”

Others continued to slam the RHOBH star in the thread, as one person added: “She is so effing disgusting. Zero remorse. I hope this behavior comes up and bites her in the ass.”

An additional fan commented: “She’s a disgusting, narcissistic piece of s**t.”

While one person slammed her as “human garbage,” another Bravo fan wrote: “It’s like she wants to be hated. She wants to be indicted. She’s enjoying all of this ? She probably arranged for paps to be there.

“What is wrong with her? Seriously. Even if she’s innocent, this isn’t smart.”

Back in November, Erika shocked fans when she filed for divorce from former super lawyer, Tom, 82, after 21 years together.

Following the divorce filing, he began getting hit with lawsuit after lawsuit for fraud, embezzlement and contract breach.

Erika became involved when it was claimed that they upheld their luxurious lifestyle with the money he allegedly stole from his clients.

Although she has denied ever knowing what Tom was up to, reports claim that he used $20 MILLION of the money to also fund her entertainment career.

During the latest episode of RHOBH, Erika opened up about her divorce from Tom and admitted she was “hurt” when he didn’t support her run in the Broadway show Chicago.

As she continued to slam Tom throughout the episode, fans took to Twitter to criticize the 49-year-old for seemingly "lying" she didn’t know what Tom was up to.

In a previous episode of the Bravo show, Erika broke her silence on her legal and marital woes.

While sitting down with her costars, Erika immediately began complaining about the drastic shift in her life that specifically pertained to material items. 

She said: “My life drastically changes this week. I let go of my Lamborghini I let go of my 16,000 square foot home.”

As tears began to swell in her eyes, she said: “Is it great to wear this jacket and live in this house and drive a Lambo? Yes but at what human cost?”

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