Robert's shocking secret, sex scandal, new family and 7 more Corrie spoilers

There are new faces and old secrets causing all manners of chaos in Coronation Street. As the Baileys make themselves comfortable in Weatherfield, they don’t exactly make the best first impressions. But can they turn things around with their new neighbours?

Elsewhere, Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) has some issues to resolve before he reunites with Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) while Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) is desperate to keep her passion with Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) a secret from Gary Windass (Mikey North). Good luck with that when Adam is hardly being subtle about it.

Here are the latest Corrie spoilers:

10 Corrie spoilers

  • Nick and David fight as Nick tries to prevent him from going to the police.
  • Tim is heartbroken when Tiny the horse goes missing.
  • Ed plays a trick on Ken when the Baileys move onto the Street.
  • David and Shona are surprised to find that Natalie has disappeared.
  • Adam makes his feelings for Sarah clear and they enjoy some sizzling passion.
  • Steve realises that James is the boy who was recently hit by a car.
  • Robert and Michelle edge closer to a reunion.
  • Aggie and Claudia clash but Aggie tries to make amends.
  • Sinead is unnerved as a date for her MRI scan arrives.
  • Robert heads off to deal with a secret situation.

Monday 10th June Part One

Nick warns Sarah that he is going to regain control of Underworld while David decides it’s time that he goes to the police but Nick intends to stop him by locking him in at the barbers. But as the pair fight, will the opportunity be lost?

Sally threatens the syndicate with legal action but Tim is later horrified that Tiny has gone missing. Ken mistakes Ed for a builder as he moves into No.3 while Chesney is rocked to discover how much it will cost to look after quadruplets.

Monday 10th June Part Two

Tim accuses Geoff and Yasmeen of being behind Tiny’s disappearance but Sally reveals that she sold the horse. But when Tim reveals his bond with the horse, Sally is shocked. Meanwhile, Geoff’s annoyance at Yasmeen grows.

David and Shona set off to find Natalie but find she has moved out of her flat while Ed winds up Ken and Gemma and Chesney clash over their budget. Meanwhile, Adam tells Sarah that he isn’t acting for Nick and has asked Peter to speak to Carla about putting Sarah in charge of Underworld.

Wednesday 12th June Part One

Ed takes ownership of the builder’s yard while Steve comes face to face with James and realises that he is the boy who was recently knocked down. Ed refuses Gary work at the yard, having heard about his reputation.

Adam offers to help Sarah for free and he manipulates Nick into letting Sarah run the factory. Soon, things turn passionate and they head upstairs while Bethany gives Gary the keys so he can surprise Sarah with a romantic meal.

Michael shows an interest in Michelle and Robert masks his jealousy while Yasmeen apologises to Sally for Geoff’s interference and David suspects that Nick made Natalie flee.

Wednesday 12th June Part Two

Sarah straightens her clothes as Gary arrives and she ushers him out of the house hurriedly by suggesting a drink. Adam later joins them, leaving Saeah extremely awkward. After finishing her drink with Gary, she heads to Adam’s flat.

Michael blows things with Michelle as her jealousy grows while Ken invites Aggie for a drink with him and Tracy. Later, Aggie angrily confronts James over risking his football career while the clan agree to try and make the best of things.

Sally and Tim agree to make Tiny their joint project while David and Shona investigate Natalie’s vanishing act.

Friday 14th June Part One

Robert confides in Daniel how much he misses Michelle and she overhears and forms a plan. As Daniel pretends there’s an emergency, Robert finds Michelle alone at the bistro with a candlelit dinner and she says she still loves him.

Adam is hurt when Sarah wants to keep their relationship a secret while Bethany urges Gary not to give up. Aggie apologises to Ken for the noise next foor while Sinead is anxious as she receives a date for her MRI scan. Brian struggles to teach Abi while Beth is put out to find she was second choice to babysit for Bertie.

Friday 14th June Part Two

Brian explains a poem to a struggling Abi and uses the bequeathing of a ring as an example and Roy snaps at him, thinking that he is poking fun at the mystery around his mum’s ring. After reuniting with Michelle, Robert sneaks off to deal with some business.

Sarah apologises to Adam and explains that she just doesn’t want to hurt Gary so Adam suggests they go to a hotel together while Sinead realises Beth is jealous of Ken and Claudia looking after Bertie. Ed and Michael work on the plastering – and make a huge hole in Ken’s wall.

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