Roger Moore’s ‘very unusual’ generosity on James Bond set and to sick Audrey Hepburn

Sir Roger Moore looks back on his iconic career

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Sir Roger Moore, the star of seven official James Bond movies between 1973-1985, died five years ago today. The witty national treasure left behind a great legacy in his acting career. EON Productions’ Barbara Broccoli, the daughter of original 007 producer Cubby, recalled one particularly memorable incident of the actor’s kindness while she was a teenager on the set of 1974’s The Man with the Golden Gun.

Speaking with Empire for a James Bond special in 2020, Broccoli commented on a photo of Moore from the movie. 

The No Time To Die producer said: “Charm was Roger’s middle name. He was such a gentleman. I’d known him since I was a kid. I remember we were night-shooting at about 3 o’clock in the morning and some people came over. He had just sat down to eat something. He didn’t take a beat. He got straight up.”

Moore then immediately introduced himself to the group with great charm in a situation where anyone else would probably have felt very frustrated.

The Bond star asked: “Where are you from? Nice to meet you.”

Broccoli remembered: “I was just like ‘Wow.’ It was very unusual. These films were so impactful to him. He travelled all over the world and obviously saw both sides of life.”

Moore would go on to take up significant charity work and it all began as a favour to a fellow Hollywood star in August 1991.

Broccoli added: “Audrey Hepburn was sick and asked him to take over as a Unicef ambassador and he did. He was an incredible man.”

The Spy Who Loved Me Bond girl Caroline Munro had similar words about working with the 007 star.

Speaking with last year, the Naomi actress said: “I had the honour of working with Roger, one of the nicest men you could possibly meet. Such a caring gentleman and so funny, very witty. Quick wit. And the crew loved him!”

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Munro added: “He’d come on and say quite risqué naughty one-liners, but very harmless! Very sweet. He’d do it and people would smile and therefore they’d relax. It was very clever. He was totally Bond. He was really in his stride, he really got James Bond, he was great. Very charismatic and wonderful. He made a perfect Bond, he’ll always be my Bond, always. Nice, lovely man.”

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