Royal expert erupts in angry row over Andrew: ‘Throwing your Republican views at me!’

GMB: Ingrid Seward slams guest’s ‘Republican views’

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Editor-In-Chief Ingrid and broadcaster Amy Nickell appeared on Monday’s Good Morning Britain to share their conflicting views on Prince Andrew’s possible return to royal life. The debate with ITV hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley came about as they discussed Prince Charles and Prince William’s reported concerns about Prince Andrew getting booed by the public at the Order of the Garter ceremony.

“Well, the ceremony of the Garter is within the castle walls so there really is a chosen public there,” Ingrid began.

“But there is still the fear that Andrew might be booed but I think probably the feeling among the royal household was the Monarchy actually have no power.

“The only power they have is by their popularity and the way that they have their influence, but they can influence by, you know what people feel about them.

“So if people still feel very, very anti about Prince Andrew, having him appear publicly is not a good idea at all.

“And I think after the upsurge of good feeling after the Jubilee, they [Prince Charles and Prince William] probably felt that this could destroy everything.”

Ingrid went on to point out that Prince Andrew will still be part of the ceremony, just in a more private manner.

She also told Susanna that at this moment in time, the royal can’t have a public role.

However, the segment soon took a fiery turn when Amy said Prince Andrew should be aware of public opinion and how his association with the Queen can affect her reputation.

“Of course, a mother’s love is completely unconditional and I entirely sympathise with why the Queen is standing by her son,” Amy said before adding: “But Andrew should have the sense to realise the damage that he could do to not only the Queen but the Monarchy as a whole.

“The Monarchy is walking on eggshells at the moment and its future is incredibly uncertain and having someone like Andrew pushing his way to the front is only going to further weaken the increasingly unpopular Monarchy.”

“Can I please speak?” Ingrid interrupted as Amy replied: “Yes, of course.”

Ingrid raged: “Rather than have republican views thrown across over me.

“I do feel that absolutely I have to agree that Andrew does have no judgement which is probably the entire problem.

“But we were actually talking about the Queen and trying to explain why she wanted to have Andrew as part of the family.

“We don’t know for sure exactly what the Queen feels about it and we probably never will.”

Andrew’s decline in popularity comes after he faced allegations of sexual assault from Virgin Giuffre – allegations he’s vehemently denied and settled outside of court.

The segment left viewers divided and many took to social media to share their thoughts about whether Prince Andrew should make a return.

Jan Ruby penned: “He should stay away from the public. Privilege is all that saved him not personal responsibility.”

Karl Stokes tweeted: “He should be banned for life to attend any public appointment he should be ostracised.”

While Clair Riley added: “I can’t believe anyone would think Andrew is ever getting a comeback.”

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