Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes panic as This Morning audio fail causes chaos

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This Morning suffered a major technical gaffe during Monday's episode as Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes couldn't hear their TV guest talking.

The guest presenter Lynsey Crombie was introducing a segment all about keeping moths at bay and she was presenting a live link on the ITV show.

The husband and wife duo could see the footage of the woman presenting but her voice couldn't be heard.

Ruth and Eamonn then moved the segment on by talking about how they keep moths at bay in their own home as baffled viewers watched from home.

This comes a few days later after the famous couple got into a to-do live on Friday morning's programme.

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Ruth made a jibe at her husband and co-host Eamonn for interrupting her during a conversation about being 'snippy'.

The beloved duo had just welcomed agony aunt Dr Deirdre onto the show when the couple got into a to-do about snippiness.

With Dr Deirdre offering her professional advice to any viewers that are seeking help for any of their problems, Eamonn then moved onto the next topic.

Eamonn, 61, began by saying: "I don't understand all that, people getting snippy with each other, who gets snippy?

"I couldn't imagine that going on, but one person may get snippy with the other but of you getting snippy."

Ruth, also 61, then said: "If you're feeling a bit snippy and you want to share it with us or Deidre there is the number to call 0800 30 40 44.

But halfway through her numbers, Eamonn interrupted her and said: "No, I know I know…"

To which Ruth quipped: "I get snippy about people interrupting me when I'm talking."

Brushing his wife's comments off he continued: "How do you deal with snippiness? If there's something snippy in your life, how do you diffuse it?

"What do you do to take the sting out of certain waspish people?"

Ruth then got a chance to speak and said: "Anyway as I was saying… The number to talk call on your screen is the number to call."

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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