Sheridan Smith accuses fiancé's mum of 'killing her dog' in bizarre tweet

SHERIDAN Smith has accused fiancé Jamie Horn's mum of KILLING her pet dog in a bizarre Twitter tirade last night.

The 37-year-old actress wrote: "FYI if I ever go missing look at Jamie and his nut job mum x she killed my dog so this woman is capable of anything."

Her strange tweet went on: "Her son hates me like she does and they threaten me everyday x There it's out there. God knows how this will end but I love y'all. x"

The Cleaning Up star posted the statements – which fans branded "extremely concerning" – on Thursday night, before deleting the message.

One worried follower asked: "Is Sheridan Smith okay? I've just seen her tweets."

It is not clear which of her dogs Sheridan was suggesting her fiance's mum had killed, though she is known to have several.

The star was often pictured with her French bulldog Dolly, a Japanese Spitz called Trish and a Shar Pei known as Enid Blyton.

She also often posted pictures of a Chinese Crested Dog called Dumbo, who wore tracksuits.

The animal-loving actress even went so far as to have a special "doggy area" built into her London home when it underwent a £150,000 makeover in 2017.

Only three days before the post, she seemed blissfully happy with Jamie, uploading a selfie of them describing themselves as "two baked beans in a pod".

The pair got engaged within three month after meeting on Tinder, though she had to deny they were married after referring to Jamie as her "hubby".

Sheridan posted a shot of them on social media, writing: "Every time I call him my hubby people presume we are married.

"It’s just a nickname & I’ll let u know when we decide to get married. I will want you all wearing hats please so here is me pouting with the 'fella'."

However, she later deleted the picture.

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