Shetlands Jimmy Perez betrayed by new love interest as fans spot clue?

Shetland: Douglas Henshall stars in season six trailer

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After more than a two-year wait, Shetland returned to screens last week with the premiere of its sixth series. Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez (played by Douglas Henshall) as his team are back as they investigate crime on the titular Scottish Island. However, eagle-eyed fans may have spotted a dangerous path Jimmy could be going down, which could lead to heartbreak as a new love interest is introduced.

In tonight’s episode, Jimmy went to visit Donna Killick (Fiona Bell), the murderer of Lizzie Kilmuir, after she was released from hospital after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

He put forward the theory that Alex Galbraith (Jim Sturgeon) may have been murdered as a consequence of her release from prison and asked if she felt any guilt for him dying.

Instead, she brushed off his theory and instead berated him about “lying” at her trial, but Jimmy fired back and stormed out.

Before he could get down the driveway, the live-in nurse ran out to speak with him as she asked if he remembered her.

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“Christmas must have been 2001, you and your drunken pals spent the night in my flat in Denniston,” she explained.

Jimmy denied knowing her, but she was determined to remind him of the fact they had met and told him she was the sister of his friend Mark Patterson.

Trying not to look like a fool, Jimmy tried to act as if he remembered what she was talking about, leaving a giggly and flirty exchange between the pair.

However, fans of Jimmy and his husband, Duncan Hunter (Mark Bonnar), were furious at the exchange and took to Twitter to express their rage.

@josephfelldown wrote: “Nope. Sorry nurse, but Jimmy is Duncan’s. Hands off. #Shetland.”

Duncan Hill also commented: “I have my suspicions about that nurse #Shetland.”

Angela Thompson added: “She’s lying like a broken clock #Shetland.”

Jimmy later had a conversation with Sister Carolyn about moving forward with his life after discussing the death of his mother.

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Could this be a clue that the nurse made an impact on Jimmy, forcing him to re-evaluate his choices in life?

The drama’s fifth series ended on a bombshell when Jimmy discovered that Alice, the woman he had fallen in love with, was behind the human trafficking ring.

She was responsible for the murder of young Nigerian man Daniel and the disappearance of his sister Zezi.

In the latest series, as episode one aired last week (October 20), Jimmy investigates the murder of a prominent local figure.

Alex Galbraith was known across the Isles and notorious for securing the compassionate release from prison for Donna Killick.

In tonight’s episode, alongside the investigation, Jimmy had to deal with the fact his father’s health was declining further.

Whilst at work, his husband, Duncan called to say his father arrived thinking they were meant to be out for lunch, but he had unfortunately made it all up.

Jimmy and Tosh also found drone footage of Kate Kilmuir (Never McIntosh) ramming her car into the back of Alex’s just hours before he was killed.

DC Sandy Wilson (Steven Robertson) followed a lead of his own tailing Lynda Morton, a recovering addict who recently lost custody of her children.

At the end of the episode, Sandy managed to track her down, but before he could talk to her, he was mowed down by a car with her assailant in it.

Shetland airs Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One. 
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