Sophie Kasaei confirms she’s QUIT Geordie Shore after dramatically disappearing from last night’s show

SOPHIE Kasaei has confirmed that she has quit Geordie Shore after she dramatically disappeared during last night's episode of the MTV show.

The 29-year-old reality star was forced to choose between the series and her relationship with new boyfriend Jay Bigzy after her former flame, Aussie Alex, flew across the globe to re-enter the Newcastle house.

The pair cleared the air as soon as Alex arrived, but Sophie admitted that she felt uncomfortable with him being there.

She explained: "I can't imagine how Jay would feel knowing that I'm living in the house with Alex."

Viewers were then shocked when Sophie left the house without telling any of her cast mates, instead leaving an emotional note that left her pals in tears.

The star made an early departure from a local night out, saying that she was going "home" – with nobody realising that she didn't mean back to the Geordie Shore house.

Making a detour to pack up her belongings and write her goodbye letter, Sophie then went to her home in South Shields.

Speaking about her decision to leave, tearful Sophie said: "I absolutely love the friends in this house because they're like my family… but for the first time in ages I actually have to put myself first.

"My relationship is so important and I think the way that I’ve been feeling this time around… I just think it’s the right time to pack my things up and walk away.

"It has been the most amazing time but I know deep down this is the right thing."

It was Sophie's close friend Nathan Henry who read her departure letter out to the rest of the house, with the note reading: "So sorry I couldn't say goodbye in person, I just knew it would be too painful.

"I never thought I would have to choose between the two loves in my life and I hope you have all learnt everything I taught you as I have learnt from everything you have taught me."

The gang had just returned from a night on the town and found the news hard to swallow, with emotional Nathan explaining: "The very thought of Sophie leaving this house makes me feel physically sick because I can’t bear to be here without her."

Sophie took to her Twitter page early yesterday evening to confirm hat she had left the hit series for good, telling her fans: "Tonight is one of the saddest episodes of my @mtvgeordieshore life, all good things have sometimes go to come to an end.

"It was time to say my goodbyes."

She later added: "The saddest day of my life so far but onwards and upwards… love you GShore."

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The fan-favourite was inundated with supportive messages from her followers as the sad scenes aired, with many admitting that they found them difficult to watch.

One wrote: "Don't think I've ever been this emotional watching Geordie Shore. I can't believe Sophie left the house."

Another added: "Never cried so much at @mtvgeordieshore definitely gunna miss @SophieKasaei_ a lot but in the end it’s all down too the way she feels and where she needs to be."

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