SparkCharge on Shark Tank: Here's what makes this portable charger special and where to buy it

SparkCharge on Shark Thank is a new product that has viewers wanting to know what makes the portable charger unique and where people can buy it.

The hit ABC show is finally back. It is kicking off Season 12 with a slew of amazing products that perfectly fit the current health climate. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted people in various ways, and the Shark Tank products are here to make life a little bit easier for people.

What is SparkCharge?

Millions of people own an electric vehicle, and every single one of those owners has run into the same problem: finding a charging station. While the number of electric car owners increases each year, the number of charging stations has not.

SparkCharge, a Massachusetts based company, is looking to solve the charging station issue. The small startup was founded by Joshua Aviv, Christopher Ellis, and Richard Whitney. Their goal was to create an EV portable charger that will help eliminate some barriers preventing people from buying electric vehicles.

The concept was created after Joshua kept experiencing issues with charging his own electric vehicle.

According to the SparkCharge website, the portable charger is fast, flexible, lightweight, and long-lasting. The Roadie runs on batteries, so when not using the charger, all a person has to do is charge the battery. Then there is never the issue of not having a charging station.

Besides the charging capability, The Roadie is fantastic because it is light and compact. It can easily be stored in the car without taking up much room. Plus, there are different charging levels, giving customers various options for all needs.

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Along with creating an app, SparkCharge is also looking to partner with companies to help deliver roadside assistance and other customer needs that arise.

Where to buy SparkCharge portable EV charger?

Those interested in trying out a portable electric vehicle charge can do so on the SparkCharge website.

Joshua, Christopher, and Richard have set up multiple payment options for customers, including a payment plan. It was important to the guys to ensure payment was not a reason people did not buy their products.

One reason the creators are appearing on Shark Tank is for cash to develop more products for electric vehicles. The other is to find other ways for the customer to buy the products.

For now, though, all customer’s questions can be answered on the company website.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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