Spoilers: Broken Leanne 'contacts' her dead son via TV medium in Corrie

Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) in Coronation Street is finding life incredibly difficult following the death of her son.

While Simon (Alex Bain) has stepped up to help Leanne, it doesn’t appear she’s helping herself. Most recently, Leanne told Simon she would be going out for a walk, but once Simon left the flat, Leanne stayed, and continued to hide herself away.

Even though Nick (Ben Price) is aware Leanne is struggling, she hasn’t let Nick back into her life as she’s unable to deal with the fact that he has a perfectly healthy son.

Soon, with her grief getting the better of her, Leanne decides to contact Oliver through a TV medium.

Leanne admits how much she’s struggling and thanks Simon for his amazing support.

An upbeat Leanne shows Simon a feather she’s found, convinced that it’s from Oliver and a sign that he’s at peace.

Having tapped in her card details, Leanne books a consultation with Crystal Moon, a TV psychic who assures her that the feather was a symbol of Oliver’s love for her.

If Leanne is certain what Crystal Moon says about Oliver is true, will this help her through her grief?

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