Spoilers: Daisy discovers Nicky was a sex worker and confronts Daniel in Corrie

Since Nicky Wheatley (Kimberley Hart-Simpson) returned to Coronation Street, there’s one person who hasn’t been very happy – and that’s Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan). The problem for Daisy is that Nicky is just a bit too friendly with Daisy’s boyfriend Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

Viewers know that Daniel and Nicky’s relationship goes back to just after his wife Sinead died. Nicky was a sex worker who Daniel paid to wear Sinead’s clothing, so he could feel like he was holding his wife again. Gradually, this turned into a real relationship until Nicky left Weatherfield.

Nicky is now working as a teaching assistant at the same school as Daniel, which gives them lots of opportunities to spend time together – a fact that leaves Daisy feeling insecure and jealous. So she decides the best solution is to set Nicky up with a blind date, to give her someone other than Daniel to spend time with.

This cunning plan might have worked but the date, Ashley, recognises Nicky and tells Daisy that his date – who legs it as soon as she realises Ashley knows who she is – was a former sex worker.

Shocked by this revelation, Daisy decides to confront Daniel. Did he know about Nicky’s past? And exactly how did he meet her in the first place?

Daisy might be full of questions, but is she ready for the answers?

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