Spoilers: Danger for Scarlett during her birthday night out in Doctors

In the wake of all her recent money problems, few would deny Scarlett (Kia Pegg) could do with a chance to relax and let her hair down.

Thankfully, this is the week of her 21st birthday and her two friends, Alisha and Tamzin (Emma Robotham-Hunt and Amy Murphy) are determined to give her a night out to remember. But, as usual, things don’t go entirely according to plan.

In a bid to save face and to prevent her two friends paying for thew whole night, Scarlett gets in touch with her ex, Ryan (Jack Heath) to arrange for the evening to be a VIP night at the Zenith Bar in Birmingham, before going onto a nightclub.

The Zenith Bar offers spectacular views over the city and the three girls get more and more excited and rowdy as they take endless selfies on their phones.

Alisha steals a half-drunk bottle of champagne from a couple who are looking at them disapprovingly while Tazmin secretly takes drugs in the toilet.

They sneak out to drink their champagne in the street and have a run-in with a young man who they end up throwing chips over and running away from.

Ryan then turns up and tries to take advantage of Scarlett. Scarlett slaps him and they get thrown out of the club. The police arrive in the form of PC Pat Dyson (Dawn Butler). Scarlett makes things worse by throwing up over the arresting officer’s shoes.

How can they get out of this mess?

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