Spoilers: Extremist Griff lies about a Muslim attack in Coronation Street

As Griff Reynolds (Michael Condron) becomes aware more and more Coronation Street residents are siding against him and his extreme, far-right political views, he decides to up the ante and make out that he was attacked by a group of Muslim teenagers.

Griff expressing his racist views has happened a number of times since the ITV soap began, with his speech at the community centre creating the biggest impact so far.

Griff made out that the many challenges within the UK right now are largely down to the people who aren’t from here.

This prompted Roy (David Neilson) to stand up and point out the inaccuracies in Griff’s speech, even backing his words up with statistics – which annoyed the gang member.

To get back at Roy, Griff instructed Max (Paddy Bever) to edit his video in a way that made it look as though the audience were agreeing and applauding Griff – not Roy.

Next week, after Alya (Sair Khan) confronts Griff about his racist comments in the pub, he then makes out that he was attacked by four Muslim lads.

On Griff’s instruction, Max uploads a video of Griff’s injuries together with a racist commentary – but what impact will this latest video have on people?

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