Spoilers: Gabby discovers Jamie is alive in tonight's episode of Emmerdale?

The fact Jamie Tate is still alive could be a secret that gets exposed during tonight’s episode of Emmerdale.

Last year, Jamie was involved in a car accident that saw him plunge into a river.

As the police never found Jamie’s body, Kim (Claire King) and Gabby (Rosie Bentham) spent weeks unsure whether he was actually dead or alive.

For Kim, she was convinced Jamie had faked his death to prove himself worthy of the Tate name.

But when he failed to turn up to Andrea’s memorial, it was enough for Kim to accept her son had died.

Of course, Jamie is still alive.

He’s living with Millie and Andrea’s mother, pleased to finally be rid of Kim.

Tonight, Gabby and Kim continue to clash ahead of Thomas’ christening.

With Millie unwell, Kim wants the christening tomorrow – but Gabby disagrees.

Eventually, Gabby and Kim agree to holding the christening tomorrow, but unbeknownst to Kim, Gabby has a surprise for her.

But what will it be?

Has Gabby discovered Jamie is still alive?

Or maybe Millie is back in the village after all?

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