Spoilers: Leanne is rocked by Simon's bad news in Coronation Street

The return of Jacob Hay (Jack James Ryan) largely impacted Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) and Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) in Coronation Street.

This was because of a storyline they had previously been involved in that saw both Simon and Leanne deal drugs.

The dealing was down to Jacob, who was working with Simon at the chippy but also earning money via Harvey (Will Mellor), who had created a drug ring and would often use young people to deal them.

Jacob was told by Harvey to get Simon on side. The plan worked and as things spiralled, the teenagers often ended up at the flat to smoke weed.

This left Leanne fearing for her life. She was vulnerable and still grieving after losing young Oliver – Jacob taking drugs and mocking her just made everything worse.

Now Jacob is settled in Weatherfield, he and Simon agreed to move on from their dark past.

They haven’t exactly become the best of friends but next week, as Simon starts his new job at the factory, they’re forced to work together when someone is spotted stealing out of the factory van.

Simon and Jacob race over and apprehend the thief and later, as they bask in their glory, Leanne’s wounded to see them acting so matey.

What will Leanne do with this reminder of the past?

If Simon and Jacob do become mates again, how will she react?

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